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CES 2024: The best of TV tech and products that caught our eye

From LG's wireless transparent OLED TV to an IMAX projector for your room, here's a look at some of the most exciting TV products on show at CES 2024

LG Electronics OLED Signature T, a transparent flat panel television, is displayed during a LG Electronics news conference at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. January 8, 2024.
LG Electronics OLED Signature T, a transparent flat panel television, is displayed during a LG Electronics news conference at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. January 8, 2024. (REUTERS)

At CES 2024, the likes of Samsung and TCL and other TV manufacturers were upstaged by a host of innovative and interesting produts: C Seed’s $200,000 foldable 137-inch television and the first IMAX Enhanced long throw projector.

Many companies came to CES with their traditional line of TVs. That’s nothing unusual and something that will be trickling down to the Indian market over the year.

Here’s a look at some of the more exciting and innovative TV products - some of which are concepts and may never be released - that are being showcased at CES 2024.

First a transparent OLED TV, and now a transparent Micro LED

It wouldn’t be the usual CES trade show if it wasn’t for some crazy concepts. LG and Samsung have brought just that to the show flow. Last year, LG introduced a wireless OLED TV. For 2024, its Signature OLED T is a signal from the future. It’s a transparent OLED TV. There’s the transparent OLED TV up front and a “contrast screen” (rollable opaque film) to provide the traditional OLED TV experience. With the screen retracted, the TV becomes a see-through unit. While retracted, the TV can display artwork and even become a virtual fish tank. Further, this TV has the same wireless technology as LG’s own M4 Wireless OLED TV.

Not to be outdone, Samsung showcased its transparent Micro LED display technology that produces brighter and clearer images. It’s also more transparent than any tech currently on the market.

While LG hasn’t announced a retail price yet for the Signature OLED T, it is set to launch sometime in 2024. Samsung’s idea is more of a proof of concept and something the company is hoping to build upon.

Samsung’s anti-glare TV, 8K projector and Music Frame

While the transparent Micro LED display technology may have stolen the headlines, Samsung had a lot of other interesting stuff on show at CES. Starting with the new line of glare-free TVs. The top-of-the-line S95D OLED combines beautiful contrast with vibrant colours to make Samsung’s QD-OLED technology (with a matte finish) a success. The new anti-glare technology reduces the glare coming from external light sources. This means that the OLED’s perfect blacks/colours can be experienced without any distractions.

Samsung also announced the world’s first 8K wireless ultra short throw projector. The Premiere 8K Projector features a wireless One Connect Box (for connecting your peripherals). This projector can be positioned very close to the wall and has Samsung's 'Sound-on-Screen' tech, which provides a cinematic surround sound experience. Sitting just 12 inches from the wall, the Premiere 8K Projector can throw a 150-inch screen. It’s got a wooden finish that makes it one of the best-designed projectors and something that can blend into your living room.

The Music Frame essentially builds on the Frame TV - a classic TV that seamlessly turns into a work of art - and serves as a hidden speaker. The Music Frame looks nothing like a speaker – it’s more like a picture frame. The speaker can be used wirelessly or connected to a Samsung TV and soundbar (via Q-Symphony) for a more discreet surround sound system. The only downside is that it is thick. The frame, and the art inside it, are both customisable.

C Seed’s marvelous folding TV

One of the most interesting TV products on display in Las Vegas was C Seed’s N1, a 137-inch TV (made up of four microLED panels). It can be folded into a compact yet chunky sculpture. When folded, the N1 is more like a metallic bench than something resembling a TV. The N1 takes about 2 and a half minutes to descend into a rectangle and hide the screen entirely.

When unfolded, the N1 has a bright screen that can be rotated 180 degrees. Thanks to the company using a proprietary system called Adaptive Gap Calibration, the gaps between the panels are almost entirely invisible. The 4K resolution screen has a peak brightness of 4,000 nits. There’s also a 165-inch and 103-inch variant.

An attendee looks at the world's first transparent MicroLED display at the Samsung booth during CES 2024.
An attendee looks at the world's first transparent MicroLED display at the Samsung booth during CES 2024. (Getty Images via AFP)

An IMAX projector

Projectors are the way to go if you don’t want something permanent in your room. Xgimi’s Horizon Max is the first IMAX Enhanced long throw projector. The Horizon Max projector can automatically detect IMAX Enhanced content and scale it up to IMAX’s 1.9:1 aspect ratio.

The Horizon Max also has a built-in gimbal. This simplifies the setup by scanning the walls and finding the best position to project the video. Furthermore, it can also remember the settings and switch to a different wall when needed.

The company also came armed with a second projector -- the Aladdin, which can double as a ceiling lamp and a speaker system. With the Aladdin installed in the ceiling lamp, one doesn't have to worry about people walking in front of the projector.

AWOL’s Vision Vanish Laser TV

The Vision Vanish Laser TV is an entire entertainment unit by itself -- (without a sound bar). There’s a drawer for the AWOL LTV-3500 and a motorised rollable screen. “This innovative all-in-one triple-laser projection television ingeniously combines the new LTV-3500 Pro projector, floor-rising screen, and motorized cabinet into a single, cohesive unit. Now, users no longer need to worry about projector placement or disrupting their home layout. Simply find a wall, place the Vanish TV, and enjoy an unparalleled home theatre experience,” the company’s press release reads.

World’s largest mini LED TV

TCL has come out with the world’s largest Mini LED TV. It comes in a massive 115-inch variant and adds a 6.2.2. channel speaker for a surround sound experience. There are 20,000 dimming zones (into which the Mini LED backlight is split) for more definite shadows, highlights and clarity. The TV has a peak brightness of 5,000 nits and a 144Hz refresh rate at 4K resolution for gamers out there. The 115-inch TV also features ‘Quantum Dots’ that allow for greater colour expression.

Rollable Laser TV and a Sonic Screen Laser TV from Hisense

Hisense has a more straightforward approach with its Rollable Laser TV. It comprises an integrated ultra-short throw projector along with an ambient light-rejecting screen that unfurls when in use.

The company also showcased its 8K Sonic Screen Laser TV. According to the company, this is the world’s first projector capable of delivering 8K resolution while using the screen to deliver cinematic sound. According to Hisense, this projector has 100,000 plus sound units.

There’s also the smallest 4K Laser TV, the Ultra Slim 4K Laser TV. The screen measures just 1.57cm deep and weighs only 7.5kg.

LG Dukebox

The LG Dukebox is one of the strange devices spotted on the show floor of CES 2024. It is a 360-degree speaker that comes with a 30-inch transparent OLED panel at the front to showcase the vacuum tubes behind it. You can boot up those visuals from Spotify and Apple Music and immerse yourself in the audio from the vacuum tube sound.

Sahil Bhalla is a Delhi-based journalist. He posts @IMSahilBhalla

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