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Can't access WeTransfer? Here are three alternatives you can use

The file-sharing service has been inaccessible for many users in India. Here are some alternatives that let you share files smoothly for free

Smash is an easy alternative to WeTransfer.
Smash is an easy alternative to WeTransfer. (Smash/Facebook)

Google Trends findings over the last few days will tell you that WeTransfer was one of the most searched terms in India, but for worrying reasons. The popular file-sharing service was reportedly not available for use to many Indian users. A Livemint report noted that users on certain mobile networks were unable to access WeTransfer’s website. Other news reports mentioned that the department of telecommunications had directed certain internet service providers to block access to the website.

As of now, there is no clarity. An interview request from Mint elicited a statement from the Dutch company saying it hopes to share more information on the development soon. “We are aware that WeTransfer seems to be blocked and unavailable in India. We are working hard to understand the reasoning behind this block, as well as how to get it reverted as soon as possible. We know that a lot of people rely on us to send and receive transfers that are important to them, nowadays more than ever, so we are really sorry to see that so many people can’t use the service at the moment," a senior director of communications for WeTransfer replied on email.

However, WeTransfer is not the only file-sharing service. Here are three similar services that let you share files easily.

Google Drive

Probably one of the best alternatives, Google Drive is easy to use if you already have a Google account, which comes with a handsome 15 GB of free storage. This can be used across different Google services. Google Drive lets you store and share everything from audio to documents and important files. What makes it a useful platform is its collaborative work features: You can not only share files with one another but also work on them simultaneously, if needed. Exhausted the 15 GB limit? You can purchase more from the Google One service, with the 100 GB storage option starting at Rs1,300 a year.

Available on web, Android and iOS


Smash is a great option if you are looking to share enormous files. It has no file size limits but if you are trying to share anything bigger than 2 GB, the server processing time is longer. If you want to send those bigger files more quickly, you will have to subscribe to Smash Premium, which starts at $5 a month. But even Smash’s basic service gives you certain additional features: You can protect your file transfers with a password, see file previews, and the files remain available for download for 14 days.

Available on web, Android and iOS


Despite a basic storage limit of 2 GB, Dropbox remains a popular file-sharing tool. You can sign up to use its services with a free account and sharing files with other users isn’t too difficult. The Dropbox Transfer option lets you send 100 MB worth of files free to other users, who won’t need a Dropbox account to get the files. Signing up for a professional Dropbox account will let you transfer up to 100 GB with a host of additional features, including password protection and the option of choosing an expiry date for the shared files.

Available on web, Android and iOS

With inputs from Omkar Khandekar.

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