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Amazon's upcoming AI feature will help shoppers

Amazon is expected to launch a generative AI feature that will summarise product reviews for customers

Amazon is set to roll out an AI feature that will summarise product reviews.
Amazon is set to roll out an AI feature that will summarise product reviews. (Reuters)

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to be the trend among tech giants. 

Now, Amazon is set to launch a generative AI feature, designed to summarise product reviews. It is aimed at minimising the time spent by customers on checking what other people think of a product before investing.

Amazon began testing the new feature earlier this year. The new AI tool helps shoppers determine, at just a glance, what others feel about a product instead of reading multiple individual reviews. The tool will choose common themes and summarise them in a short paragraph on the product detail page, according to a Press Trust India report.

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These AI-generated reviews are now available to a subset of mobile shoppers in the US across a “broad” selection of products, according to a Amazon blog post. Based on the feedback, it may be made available to more shoppers and additional categories of products later this year.

Tech companies have been busy battling it out in the generative AI race and Amazon has been looking for different ways of integrating it into its products. While the company hasn’t released its own AI chatbot yet, it is focusing on services that will allow developers to build their own generative AI tools on its cloud infrastructure AWS, the Press Trust India report adds

Earlier this year, in a letter to shareholders, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said AI will be a “big deal” for the company. He also mentioned that the company is currently working on multiple generative AI initiatives underway, including its voice assistant Alexa.

The roll out of the new AI feature is interesting as earlier this year, in April, Amazon was in the news for reviews written by AI chatbots. People noticed that some of the reviews had the phrase “as an AI language model,” which is a common response generated by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, as reported by CNBC

AI technology has claimed dominance in various aspects of people’s lives and most often it has been used to reduce the time spent on a particular activity. Amazon’s generative AI reduces the time spent on going over product reviews, which may increase the time spent on shopping and also make the process easier for many. With Amazon expected to roll out this new feature soon, could this mark the start of another AI race?  

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