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Don't miss this online short film festival for children

Six award winning short films are being virtually screened by the Royal Opera House, Mumbai, till 19 September

A still from The Candy Tree. 
A still from The Candy Tree.  (Royal Opera House)

Treat your child to a short-film festival curated by Royal Opera House, Mumbai, over the next few days. Comprising six award-winning animated films, the event will showcase different themes and topics that is not only meant to entertain the young audience, but also inspire them. The festival will run till September 19. Here’s a peek into the movies that will be part of the festival. 

Oru Thudakkathinte Kadha (Story of the Beginning)

The Malayalam short film written by Balaram J with English subtitles narrates the story of three children who try to satisfy their curiosity about the origin of their village stream, despite differences in beliefs. It was selected at the 12th International Inter-University Film Festival. 

Watchmaker at Time’s End

In this fantasy movie, a watchmaker in Kerala lives on an Earth where measuring the time has become impossible. However, a mysterious object falls from the sky that can tell the time accurately. Find out what happens next. Directed and conceptualized by Shaheen Sheriff, the film was the winner of the Best Foreign Comedy at San Francisco Indie Shorts.  

The Candy Tree

A child sows his last candy in the backyard dreaming the possibilities. The film dwells on the child’s love of the idea and the struggle to nurture the dream. The film was made by the graduate students of IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay.


Also produced by IIT Bombay’s IDC School of Design, this animated film is a tribute to Amrita Devi, belonging to Rajasthan’s Bishnoi community, who sacrificed her life trying to prevent the king of Jodhpur from cutting trees. It was the winner of Woodpecker International Film Festival in 2019. 

Lakshmi Aayi Hai (Homecoming of the Goddess of Wealth)

This, too, is an IDC School of Design creation. On the occasion of Diwali, an old couple is cleaning up the house. The grandmother puts a rangoli in the balcony but the grandfather is mischievous and tries to ensure he doesn’t spoil it. Will he be able to? 


Do you know how a coin is made? This film shows the journey of a one-rupee coin, which is trying to find its identity and place in a world occupied by notes of higher values. The film was created by a student of MIT Pune.

All the movies can be streamed on the YouTube channel of Royal Opera House, Mumbai.

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