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A young author who simply wants to play with words

Khushi Goel, a ten year old from Delhi, has written a deeply empathetic tale in her debut book about a bunny who wants to be an artist

Khushi Goel's debut book, 'The Bunny Who Cooked Macaroni', has been published by Invincible Publishers

The book opens with a handsome little bunny, Bob, with fine whiskers and a fuzzy tail, introducing himself to the reader. “People call me the Apron Bunny. Some call me the Cooking Rabbit. Others call me the Bunny who Cooks Macaroni,” he says. However, instead of being a cook, Bob nurses an ardent desire to draw and become an artist. The Bunny Who Cooked Macaroni takes one through Bob’s journey, from living in a circus and cooking pasta to realising his true potential. Written by Khushi Goel, a ten-year-old student based in Delhi, this is a wonderfully empathetic tale. Bob’s personality is etched out in great detail, from descriptions of his ‘home’ in the circus—a cage with a red container for food—to his style of making macaroni and his budding friendship with Toby the mouse.

Through Bob’s journey, the book conveys the importance of self-reflection and dedication to one’s true path. It also includes a collection of original poems such as ‘Slice of Cake’ and ‘Shell on the Shore’ that give us an insight into the author’s imagination.

When one asks Goel about her favourite author, she immediately answers, “J.K. Rowling”. “Harry Potter is a deeply engrossing tale. It takes fantasy to another level,” says the author. Her debut book shows a keen understanding of how animals feel and express themselves. “I used to have a pet rabbit, who used to live in a cage. He was miserable and lonely there, and wouldn’t eat or drink. I felt sorry for him, and decided to write a story about animals’ emotions and thoughts,” says Goel. The young student believes that animals should be free and not caged.

She has a very disciplined writing process, devoting at least one hour daily to the task. “It is the best hour of the day,” she says. “However, I write the poems at night.” The Bunny who Cooked Macaroni took two months to come together, with her parents and teachers being extremely encouraging through her writing journey. Now she aspires to write a fantasy, a genre that she finds interesting as it doesn’t adhere to rules of real life. “Maybe this new story will be science-based. I just want to be the inventor and play with words,” says Goel.

    25.02.2021 | 10:30 AM IST

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