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Bengaluru's carnival for pets and their humans

The 8th edition of Pet Fed Festival will include masterclasses for pet parents, upto a 100 stalls selling pet products, and even puppies for those who want to adopt one

The Pet Fed Festival is an opportunity for people to spend time with their furry ones.
The Pet Fed Festival is an opportunity for people to spend time with their furry ones. (Pet Fed Festival)

What started as a passion project in 2014 to create a community for people with pets has now turned into an annual carnival. Pet Fed Festival, which promises to be a huge celebration of the unique bond between pets and their parents, is back with its 8th edition this weekend in Bengaluru.

Spread across a three-acre space at Jaymahal Palace Grounds, the festival aims to be a place for pets to play and interact freely. While the focus is on the pets, founder Akshay Gupta says it’s an opportunity for people to not only spend time with their furry ones, but also check out different products for them, and learn how to better cater to their needs.

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“During covid-19, a lot of people brought home pets but didn’t know how to take care of their needs or train them. This year, we have introduced masterclasses which will be conducted by experts from the industry. Throughout the two days, there will be 20 free masterclasses on a range of topics including hygiene and training,” Gupta tells Lounge.

There will also be fun events such as the Pet Talent Show, which is a popular one from previous editions, the International Cat Show, and the Police Dog Show, conducted by an expert who trains dogs for the police department. Pet parents will also get a chance to explore diverse products with over 100 stalls showcasing the latest in pet products and services.

Like its previous editions, this festival is also encouraging people to adopt and not buy pets. People often want certain breeds of dogs, which they end up buying from a breeder, contributing to the vicious chain in which bred animals as well as indies have continued to suffer. This year, Pet Fed is particularly focused on getting Indian dogs adopted. Along with non-governmental organisations such asCharlie's Animal Rescue Centre (CARE) and Compassion Unlimited Plus Animals (CUPA) who will be bringing dogs that people can take home, Pet Fed is also giving out free tickets for pet parents of indie dogs.

“When adopting an indie dog, you are giving a forever home to an animal that otherwise has nowhere to go but the streets. Moreover, indie dogs are acclimatised to the weather and environment better than foreign breeds such as St. Bernard or German Shepherd, which will make it easier for pet parents,” Gupta explains.

The festival is not just for pets and pet parents, but also for those who want to meet animals and talk to people about what goes into taking care of a pet. It's a glimpse into a world as pet parents and the companionship and joy that they bring with them, Gupta says. 

This year the festival has also expanded to more cities and will travel to six cities, starting from Bengaluru. The next stop will be Delhi on 16 December, followed by Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, and Hyderabad.

In Bengaluru, the Pet Fed Festival will be held on 25 and 26 November at Jayamahal Palace Grounds.

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