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National Pet Day: Five accounts to scroll through today

From endearingly educative social media accounts, to those that entertain, a pick of the internet's favourite pets

A portrait of Tucker Budzyn
A portrait of Tucker Budzyn (via @tuckerbudzyn on Instagram)

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It's National Pet Day today. Technically, it is a day celebrated in the US for indulging pets, and subsequently also a pet parent's love for their fur babies. But, as things go with the interconnectedness of the internet, holidays and days of importance traverse easily across oceans and borders. And a day for loving our pets is perhaps not a bad one to adopt across cultures.

Helpfully, National Pet Day this year falls on a Monday. It's a readymade solution to the sort of very specific exhaustion that happens on Monday mornings (a.k.a. Monday blues).

If you have the pleasure of your pet's company today as you work, reach out to them for some extra face squishes and cuddles. If you don't (or as a bonus), here are some of the internet's favourite pets to get you through the day.

Tucker Budzyn, the almost-celebrity Golden Retriever

Tucker is a gentleman (take a look at all his bowties!), but with a flair for drama — how he responds to ‘Linda’, the fictionalised version of his parent, Courtney Budzyn is always a lesson in adorable spunk and humour.

Clara, the sea-lion

Warning: you may want to rethink your career choices when you see this one. There's a reason Courtney, a trainer at a Connecticut aquarium went viral. She gets to hang out with, and get hugs from, this feisty and adorable sea-lion called Clara.

Tika the iggy

Italian Greyhounds have become TikTok and Instagram celebrities – they are sleek and fashionable when they want to be, like the ‘Mean Girls’ equivalent of the canine world. But they're also absolutely goofy, silly, and overall loveable. Still need convincing? Meet Tika.

The Dodo

If you're just exhausted by humans and the world in general, The Dodo is a reliable channel (across most social media platforms) to turn to. Baby racoons, demanding ducks, and even clingy donkeys feature here. 

The Pet Collective

From funny videos in a playlist called ‘Pets Translated’ to researched and endearingly educative ones in a list titled ‘Pet Pointers’, The Pet Collective is a great account to trawl through if you're an animal-lover. From why cats are good for your mental health, to bad pet habits you can change – there is all of this and more on this YouTube channel.

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