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Keeping up with the winter fashion trends for your pet companions

Pet parents are adding to their furry friends' wardrobes with clothes that are trendy and also promise to keep them warm during this chill

At a time when the mercury has dropped low, pet parents are getting fashionable and functional clothes for their furry companions. Photo: iSTOCKPHOTO

Humans can take care of themselves during the winter, but their furry friends need help. Many pet owners ensure that their companions have clothes that are trendy and keep them warm during the winter season.

Neha Mishra Chauhan's pet beagle, Precious, has been part of her family for seven-and-a-half years. Chauhan describes her as loveable, a party animal, stubborn and always ready to play.

On being asked about keeping up with the winter fashion trends for her pet, she says, "It is so cold. I think more than fashion, it is a necessity to buy jackets and wind cheaters for the dogs. Trendy jackets, beds keep them warm during nights and make them look adorable too."

She has bought some bandanas, pretty bows, and cute sweatshirts for Precious. "And sometimes when there is a get together at my home, I make Precious wear a tie, and it looks adorable," adds Chauhan. "Since I am into organising events, I have also organised some pet fashion shows which are super fun to be a part of."

Chef Anil Dahiya has had an affinity with dogs since his childhood days. His labrador, Bolt, has been with him since he was one-month-old puppy. "In the initial few months, he slept with me on my bed. Now he is four years old. Trust me, I never treat him like a pet; he is just like my second son," he says.

He adopted Bolt in April, a hot summer month, so he didn't have to dress the puppy up that much. "But as November approached, it started getting cold and we bought him his first and own sweatshirt. He looked adorable and we couldn't control ourselves any longer. Every day my son and I spend hours on laptops looking for the best of shirts, collars, leashes and even bandanas," says Dahiya.

Clothes for dogs are available in various price ranges, from affordable to high-end designer styles. Typically toy and small breed dogs, such as Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers are dressed in dog clothes, although even large breeds like Golden Retrievers can wear clothes too.

"It is more common to dress small dogs because they are easier to dress and they often suffer from cold temperatures. Dog clothes are made to be either functional or for show," elaborates Dahiya.

Derryl Daniel, who is a co-founder at a digital marketing startup, has four pet dogs, a cocker spaniel and a pomeranian Spitz and their two puppies. She likes to keep her pets warm and cosy. "I love to shop for my pets and have got a collection of sweatshirts and jackets for them," says Daniel.

    11.01.2021 | 11:30 AM IST

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