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A gifting guide for pet parents

From a box of healthy sweets for dogs, to soothing wax melts, and a cute leash for cats, here are some festive gift ideas for pet owners

Wax melts to help calm an anxious pet.
Wax melts to help calm an anxious pet. (Photo: The Modern Tail)

Pets are a big part of families, so here are some great gifting options for pet parents this Diwali from some homegrown Indian brands.

Breathe easy

These wax melts contain a blend of essential oils such as ylang ylang and basil, to help calm your pet, whether it's during firecrackers or when you leave them alone at home. They're also available as part of Diwali hampers. Available on, 600 onwards

A bolstered bed.
A bolstered bed. (Photo: Poochmate)

Warm and fuzzy

Keep your pets comfortable during Diwali and the coming winter with one of these soft beds. They come with built-in bolsters to give your pet the support they need. Available on; 4,900 onwards

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Cat leash and harness.
Cat leash and harness. (Photo: Petwale)

Cool cats

Why should dogs have all the fun? Get your cat one of these light harnesses and a leash to keep them safe outdoors. They're available in bright colours and prints, too. Available on, 899 onwards

Sweets for your pet.
Sweets for your pet. (Photo: Heads Up For Tails)

Season of sweets

Get a Diwali box of sweets for your pet so they don't miss out while you snack on festive treats. These come with four types of laddoos and 20-25 cookies. Check out their biryani boxes too. Available on, 500 each

Puzzles for pets.
Puzzles for pets. (Photo: For The Love of Dog)

Sniffer puzzles

These puzzles will keep your dogs distracted while firecrackers are being burst, or when you have guests at home this season, or even if it's too rainy for them to go on a walk. There are relaxing as well as stimulating puzzles in which you can hide treats and then set your pet to work on them. Available on, 850 onwards

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