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Christmas 2022: Animal charities to consider donating to this season

If you are an animal lover, consider donating to organisations like the ones on this list

Some welfare organisations are focused on cats.
Some welfare organisations are focused on cats.

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Animal welfare organisations across the country struggle with funding. Organisations like those listed here do wonderful work in various cities.

Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (Bengaluru)

From advocacy to rescue, building a larger community of pet lovers, feeding community animals, running a trauma rescue centre and animal care clinics and coordinating adoption, this Bengaluru-based organisation, founded in 1991, does some great work in the city. For donations, visit

The Cattitude Trust (Chennai)

While many welfare organisations in India focus on dogs, for the obvious reason that there are more of them than cats, Cattitude is, as the name suggests, all about cats. Started in 2005, the trust does wonderful work with cat adoption, fostering and information transfer as well as managing a home for senior cats (not an open rescue centre). For donations, visit

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Friendicoes Seca (Delhi)

Starting in the 1970s and registered in 1979, Friendicoes SECA helps rescue, rehabilitate and help street animals. Their centre in Delhi, which serves as both a shelter and a hospital, houses abandoned and lost pets and strays as well as the occasional monkey or bird in distress, according to their website. They also run a country sanctuary in Gopalpur Khera in Gurugram, Haryana. For donations, visit

The Feline Foundation (Mumbai) 

This cat-focused NGO, set up in 2017 in Mumbai’s Versova neighbourhood, helps control stray cat populations, supports local stray cat feeders, invests in rehabilitation, fostering and support, and drives awareness and education about feline behaviour and care. It also runs a low-cost feline clinic and a pet store. For donations, visit

Karma Foundation (Pune) 

This foundation helps in the rescue, rehabilitation and population control of stray animals via its hospital, which contains an intensive care unit, operation theatre and out-patient department. It also helps with animal adoptions. For donations, visit

Charlie's Animal Rescue Centre (Bengaluru)

CARE was established in 2013 to provide timely medical aid to injured and sick animals. It expanded to become a shelter not only for stray dogs and cats but also for rabbits, ducks, hens, pigs, guinea pigs, birds and terrapins. It works on rescue and rehab, coordinates adoptions, canine and feline therapy, and community outreach. For donations, visit

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