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A verified list of boarding services taking in pets from covid-affected families

In case you are hospitalised, quarantined or in a containment zone, these boarding facilities will ensure that your pet is well taken care of while you recuperate

Boarding facilities have seen an increase in the number of pets coming in from covid-19 affected families. Photo by Karen Winegeart on Unsplash

For a lot of people affected by the pandemic, it is an impossible task to take their pets out for a walk or for appointments with the vet. Now boarding facilities across the country are coming to their aid by taking in the pets for the duration required by families or individuals to recover from the infection. While some offer a pick-up and drop facility, others have tied up with verified cab services to ensure a safe journey for the pets. There are a lot of resources online as well, being compiled and shared by community-led platforms such as Petsfamilia (@petsfamilia_community) on Instagram and individuals like journalist-author Prerna Singh Bindra. Here is a verified list of facilities from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru that are taking in pets from covid-19 affected families. More such names will keep getting added from other centres in the next couple of days.

Play Pet Boarding, Bengaluru: Located in the northern part of the city, it offers a safe and stress-free space for your furry companions. It also offers Pets Go, a premium taxi service that can ferry your pets from home, located anywhere in the city, to the kennel. Contact: 9606198222

Stay-The Good Dog Co, Bengaluru: Helmed by Nita Mahurkar, this boarding service follows stringent protocols while bringing in pets from homes impacted by covid-19. The pets are checked in at the gate itself and their belongings sanitised. "They are then given a bath, after which they are free to mingle with the other animals," says Mahurkar. She has tied up with verified pet cab services to bring the animals to the facility. Contact: 7899898686

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Wag-ville, Bengaluru: This three-acre facility is located in Jakkur, and has taken in 18-19 pets from covid-19 affected homes in the past one week. "We follow strict protocols, with the staff wearing PPE kits, gloves and double masks while picking up the pets," says Kishan Vasudevan. The pet parents are requested to leave the animals tied on a leash outside the door. The staff then uses its own sterilised leashes to get the pets into the car, which is sanitised regularly. The animals, once they reach the centre, are given a bath and a blow dry. "We send regular updates and pictures to the pet parents, ensuring them of the safety of their loved companions," he adds. Contact: 9449929024

Asha Arun's Pet Home Boarding, Delhi NCR: This three-acre farm, which has been working as a boarding facility for the past six to seven years, is located in Junapur, near Chhatarpur. For the past two weeks, the staff has been receiving calls from across Delhi NCR. "In some cases, entire families have tested positive, and in others, pet parents living alone have been affected," says Arun Shivakumar. "In such a scenario, they can't take the pets out for a walk or for other activities." So, the team from Asha Arun's Pet Home Boarding goes to these homes to bring the animals to the farm, while taking the needed precautions. The pets are taken a bath and then taken inside. The team also sanitises itself and then enters the facility. Contact: 9962600906

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Furry Tales Dog Creche, Kolkata: Located near Anandapur Police Station, it welcomes pets from all over the city. They have a pick and drop facility available as well. Contact: 9830435558

Pup Stop, Mumbai: This Mahim-based facility is taking in pets from covid-affected families, offering a pick and drop facility as well. At any given point of time, Pup Stop can accommodate 20 dogs. The pet parent is requested to leave the dog outside when the staff is about to arrive. Once at the facility, the pet is given a bath and then taken inside. Contact: 9987511279

Doggiie Dog World, Mumbai: Run by canine behaviourist and therapist Pooja Advani, this facility has been taking in pets from covid-affected homes since last year, when the pandemic broke out. All the prescribed guidelines and protocols are followed by the staff members. Contact: 9167242218

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