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Why Muthoot Finance's Bijimon prefers best practices to numbers

KR Bijimon, executive director, Muthoot Finance, on how he keeps his team energised and why it's important to have the right attitude

KR Bijimon likes to spend time at his farm on weekends as it refreshes him to take on the week ahead.
KR Bijimon likes to spend time at his farm on weekends as it refreshes him to take on the week ahead. (

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For KR Bijimon, executive director, Muthoot Finance, the once positive change the covid-19 pandemic brought on was reducing his hectic travel schedule. With the increased adoption of digital communication platforms, Bijimon (51) is able to coordinate and get work done across the company's various global offices from his office in Kochi. "I feel it is very convenient for conducting discussions that lead to effective decision making," says Bijimon, who has been with the organisation for over 25 years. 

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Bijimon speaks to Lounge about his mentor grooming him to be a leader, on he learns from organically grown best practices that certain branches come up with, and about his farm.  

Who do you consider your mentor?

My greatest mentor is MG George Muthoot, the former chairman of Muthoot Finance. His farsighted vision, his compassion for giving back to society, and his leadership style are something that I have always admired and looked up to. His business objectives and plans were always based on the outcome.  

One major insight you worked on with your mentor's guidance?

I believe that my career was influenced by my mentor (Muthoot). Over the years, he showed me how to grow from being a chartered accountant to being a leader. He taught me how important leadership traits are in terms of career development.

What does being a mentor mean to you? 

Being a mentor is a huge responsibility. Anyone can act and think like a mentor, but it takes a lot of experience and wisdom to be a real one. A mentor should handhold people and guide them through the path of progress. He/she should constantly engage the mentee through continuous feedback. It is all about understanding the capability and true potential of the mentee and guiding them through professional endeavours.

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What's your morning schedule after waking up?

I wake up by 6.30 am, and along with my dog, I go for an hour's walk. For the last several years, I have desired to get up at 4.30 pm, I even set the alarm for that time, but it's been an unsuccessful endeavour. Anyway, after the walk, I have my tea, read the newspaper, spend some time with my family and leave for work by 8.45 am. 

What are some of your productivity hacks?

My background is in chartered accountancy (CA). However, unlike most CAs, I don't make decisions purely on numbers alone or only try to find problems. I look for best practices that have ensured the high numbers and what I can learn from them and replicate them. And what needs to be done to energise people. For instance, if there a branch is making more profits than others or has less attrition, then find out what are they doing right, and see if other branches and businesses can emulate them. 

The other thing I do is, besides thinking big, I also keep an eye on the last mile execution. Sometimes I find that what is said on paper doesn't reflect in the on-ground execution. To avoid that, I keep cross-checking the execution activity periodically. 

Any book/podcast you would recommend about mentorship and workplace growth? 

I would recommend Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins as it talks about "success is all about your mental attitude". What you think is what you are. One of the things the book points out is that people will do anything not to fail. But the attitude toward failure is the problem. The book has a lot of practical advice.  

How do you unwind?

I have around seven acres of farm around 50 km from Kochi. I usually prefer staying there on weekends. I have cows, goats, fruit trees, a little coffee, pepper, and a few other plantations. Working on the farm helps me relax. I come refreshed on Mondays. 

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