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Simple, DIY gift ideas for a pandemic year Mother's Day

A list of pandemic-appropriate Mother's Day gift ideas for 9 May that don't require deliveries, contact or risk of exposure

A handmade card is a great way to express your feelings for mom
A handmade card is a great way to express your feelings for mom (Unsplash)

It’s Mother’s Day on 9 May, and at a time when every message and social media post brings bad news, celebration has little meaning. But it’s more important than ever to show each other that we care. Here are a few simple gift ideas that cost nothing yet can brighten up her day—as well as yours—without exposing you or anyone in your family to risk.

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Doodle it, draw it

If you live in the same house as your mom, make her a hand-drawn card. Actually, even if you’re far away, make one; it’s a great way to focus and take your own mind off your worries while spending time thinking about her, and creating something she’ll love, no matter how it turns out. it doesn't take as much time as you think it would. If you have children, get them involved. It’ll give you reason to dust off those long-forgotten drawing skills, or maybe even discover that you do have a flair for abstract art, despite those mean comments from your high school art teacher. A handmade card is also a lovely throwback to the time when birthdays meant making your own cards.

Listen generously

Yes, you’re busy but sometimes just listening to parents goes a long way towards alleviating anxiety, both yours and theirs. And once you get beyond all those complaints about the state of the nation, you’ll find there are a lot of inspiring as well as hilarious olstories to hear. At a time like this, just listening with attention is a gift.

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Pay it forward

A donation in your mother’s name is probably one of the best gifts to give in covid times. Pick her favourite charity or cause, or a new one, find out what they need most and arrange for it. Right now, organisations providing oxygen refills, ambulance services and food for those affected by covid need the most help.

Plant some love

If your mother is a gardener—whether indoors, on the balcony or in her backyard—join her for a gardening session, even if it’s on a Zoom call, and see what she’s been up to. Maybe she’ll give you some tips to revive those wilted marigolds on your window sill. And there’s nothing like look at greenery to help you—and her—relax.

Take up a project together

Quilting, scrapbooking, singing, upcycling clothing with the help of YouTube tutorials, maybe learning a language together could be projects you take up together, as long as you're both going to enjoy it. Again, you could do these together if you live in the same house, or while far apart on a video call if you can't meet.

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