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MissMalini’s Malini Agarwal gives us a peek into her workspace

The founder and creative director of MissMalini Entertainment and Girl Tribe app speaks about her work environment, eureka moments, and daily rituals

Agarwal's home workspace is an all in one studio, office, makeup and styling closet.  (Malini Agarwal)

Having created MissMalini, one of the most popular Bollywood, fashion and lifestyle blogs, Malini Agarwal’s latest venture is the Girl Tribe app. Started as a Facebook community, the app is a social network for women, where members connect on the basis of their mutual interests. We asked her for a virtual walk through her workspace and to tell us about her relationship with it. Edited excerpts:

Describe your current workspace to us.

Since we've been in work from home mode, my workspace has changed drastically. I now have an all-in-one studio, office, makeup and styling closet in one room of my house. 

Has it always been this way? Or has it evolved over the years?

This was a new addition to our home due to the circumstances, and something I was envisioning for a very long time. Before this, I always worked out of my office in Santacruz, Mumbai. Now, I primarily work from my home office with some meetings at Soho House.

How would you define your daily relationship with this space? 

I love my workspace. It gives me a sense of distinction between work and play and I find it very therapeutic that everything has its place. So even when it gets messy, it's easy to clean up and return things to where they belong. I used this wonderful organization service called Organize with Ease that helped put everything in order and Spark Joy! I also commissioned a full-size vanity (one of my wishlist items) from Drop Dead Gorgeous and it is a delight to use especially since I do hair and makeup regularly. We added plum curtains to give the room a glam vibe as well.

Tell us about some of the eureka moments you have had here.

My biggest eureka moments have been self-shooting several videos and being inspired to do more reels and fun videos because the space allows for it with its beautiful lighting and an aesthetic layout.

If you were to trade in this place for another, what would it be?

I don't think I'll ever trade in this space now. Even when we go back to the office, having a home office just hits different. Also, there's no greater joy than doing Zoom calls in pajama bottoms and a formal shirt.

Creative corner is a series about writers, artists, musicians, founders and other creative individuals and their relationships with their workspaces.

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