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Finding love in the mundane

A new study shows that 74% of surveyed single Indians are choosing simple dates over elaborate ones

Many people think going on walks is a great date idea, new survey shows.
Many people think going on walks is a great date idea, new survey shows. (Pexels)

It will take about five minutes of scrolling on most dating apps to realise that quite a few people are looking for someone to “go on walks with”, “cook some good food with”, or “watch cringe Instagram reels with”—simple, ordinary joys of everyday life. Grand dating gestures seem to be becoming passé with people finding love in the mundane.

This is reiterated by a new study by dating app Bumble, which shows that 74% of surveyed single Indians are choosing more mundane dates over fancy, elaborate ones. This trend is higher among women (82%) than men (77%). The survey looked at 2,000 Indian adults aged between 18 and 40 years.

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As thrilling as grand dates can be, modern daters don’t find it practical. Today, people are finding comfort in shared routines and familiar surroundings with 37% of respondents stating that they enjoy the simplicity of authenticity of such dates. They also help them understand someone’s personality better.

 People want to go on dates where they can have meaningful conversations (36%), such as walking—a favourite about the surveyed group (45%)—travelling to work (42%), or cooking or baking together (39%).

Surprisingly, about 40% of people would rather go grocery shopping together than spend time and money on an extravagant experience. GenZ have taken it a step further, with 18% saying that their favourite mundane date idea is being stuck in traffic together.

“Mundane dates focus on simplicity and the authenticity of getting to know someone better, it’s about finding happiness in ordinary daily things,” Lucille McCart of Bumble said in a press statement. The shift toward everyday dates indicates that people are prioritising conversations and genuine connections and want to understand each other better in a low-pressure setting, McCard added.

Glimpses of this dating trend have also been seen in other recent surveys. For instance, dating app Tinder’s Future of Dating Report 2023 revealed that people are errand dating, where two people spend time together as they go about completing a mundane chore.

From going shopping for clothes to buying essential household things at a supermarket, it seems like people are trying to fit the date into their schedule and not disrupt the latter for a glamorous date night.

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