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Lounge Loves: WhisQ

India’s first homegrown baking brand

Just about seven years ago, Pooja Dhingra opened Le15 Pâtisserie in Mumbai and introduced the macaron to the Indian lexicon. Now, she’s enabling every home-baker to produce the same delightful confection of meringue and almond in their own kitchens with her nine-piece macaron set, launched as part of WhisQ, co-founded with Avni Biyani, concept head of Foodhall, Future Group’s luxury food store.

“Back when I started baking as a child, finding good implements and ingredients in India was terribly hard," says Dhingra. “I used to lug back suitcases full of baking stuff whenever I came back from abroad. Then, a couple of years ago, I fell into conversation with Avni, and decided we had to close the gap."

Months of research—on minutiae such as the size of the average home oven and humidity factors—and development later, a 49-piece silicon and aluminium range manufactured in association with Germany’s Fackelmann has hit the shelves.

“We have a lot of fun stuff, such as chocolate melting pots, fondant tools, rollers, smoothers, stamps, cake decorating stencils and much more that you haven’t seen before," says Biyani. “And the range will keep evolving."

Also on the cards are pre-mixes, sugars, baking chocolate, sprinkles and more.

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