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A 4-point guide to intelligent dating

The term intelligent dating describes how Gen Z approaches romantic relationships, but these pointers could help no matter how old you are

Can intelligent dating help you find healthy, lasting love?
Can intelligent dating help you find healthy, lasting love? (Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash)

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As newer generations move into the dating bracket, the attitude towards relationships is changing for the better. For many youngsters in their late teens and early 20s - who are highly self-aware and compassionate - getting into or being in a relationship isn't as messy as it was for generations before them. On the contrary, Gen Z approaches relationships with clarity and confidence, moving towards 'intelligent dating'. Here's a birds-eye view of what that means.

Demanding authenticity

Gen Z is honest, loud and proud about who they are. While "being yourself" might seem naive or foolish, this generation believes it's better to be yourself early in relationships rather than tell little white lies to impress a date. Despite the risk of rejection, someone authentic shows a capacity to be honest – even when there might be a price to be paid.

Redefining what it means to be single

Gen Z's journey with self-love and setting personal boundaries has redefined what they seek out of dating. For the newest generation of daters, being single is much more intentional than it was with their earlier counterparts. Gaining self-confidence and self-worth independently is prioritised over depending on a partner to fulfil those needs. 

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While some of those in earlier generations would have jumped from one relationship to another to satisfy their need for companionship, the younger lot understands that this may mean they are at a greater risk of falling for someone toxic. In the process of self-discovery, if something doesn't fit, this generation is comfortable saying no.

Prioritising emotional connection over casual flings

Hookup culture fuelled by apps? It seems that Gen Z is over it. They are now finding new ways to satisfy dating needs that fit into their lives seamlessly. Having a deep emotional connection has taken centre stage in their relationship dynamics. Gen Z is open to mixing friendships, romantic relationships, long-term commitments, or situationships, to create a balance that meets their emotional and sexual needs.

Having clarity on career and financial stability

Bigger issues like the climate crisis, a global pandemic, and economic uncertainties have all changed the way that Gen Z views different parts of their personal lives. While the climate crisis has made them more pragmatic about their role in the planet's future, the pandemic helped them identify what was important. Likewise, young people are also trying to find professional and financial stability in a fast changing job market. As a result, Gen Zs and millennials now place significant emphasis on the financial health within and of their romantic relationships, too. Such issues are discussed transparently before making a serious commitment.

Able Joseph is the founder & CEO, House of Aisle

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