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Taxonomy treasures

Here's a closer look at two animal species that have been discovered in India this year

Goan fejervaryan frog
Goan fejervaryan frog

The Goan Frog

The large Goan fejervaryan frog (Fejervarya goemchi) was reported from the higher elevations of the Western Ghats by a team of scientists who were looking at the “cricket frog". The species is found in abundance in the high-altitude grasslands of the Western Ghats in Goa.

The shieldtail from the Western Ghats

It was discovered in the Anaikatty Hills earlier this month by scientists who named it Uropeltis bhupathyi, after the late herpetologist Subramaniam Bhupathy. Scientists say this new species of snake is facing threats from road traffic, habitat loss, and, possibly, a condition that leads to head deformities.

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