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Take a break: Exercise in office

We all know that poor posture and sitting for long hours is bad for health. So spare five minutes each day and do these exercises at your workstation

Camel stretch; and Cat stretch.
Camel stretch; and Cat stretch.

Camel stretch

Sit with hands under shoulder and knees under hips. Let the back sag. Keep your neck relaxed.

Cat stretch

Take a deep breath and lift your lower rib cage. Round your back but relax your neck. Hold for 10 counts. Do both movements for 5-6 times to prevent lower back pain.

Chair pistol; and Shoulder stretch.

Chair pistol

Stand straight in front of your chair. Take one leg off the floor. Slowly lower yourself to the chair, without lifting your heel off the floor. Stand up again. Repeat on both legs five times each.

Shoulder stretch

Stand in front of a pillar. Take your hands behind you and hold the pillar and let your torso move away from it. You will feel a stretch on the back. Hold for 30 seconds.

Quad stretch; and High knees

Quad stretch

Stand taking support of your chair. Slowly bring one leg up, behind you. Hold the toe with your hand, and pull closer. Hold for 10 seconds. Do 10 times on each leg.

High knees

Stand straight. Bring your right leg up so that your knees are almost at the level of your waist. Repeat on right leg. Do the whole set 20-30 times.

Jumping jacks; and Tricep dips

Jumping jacks

Stand with feet together and hand by your side. Jump and land with your feet wider than hip-distance. Bring your arms up. Jump back to start position. Repeat 20 times.

Tricep dips

Take support of your chair and bring your feet forward till the legs are straight. Slowly bend your legs and sink down towards the floor. Push back up again. Repeat 10 times.

Lunges; and Side lunges


Stand with one leg in front. Bend the front leg, keeping your knee above your ankle. Let the knee of the back leg touch the floor. Repeat on each leg 10 times.

Side lunges

Stand with feet wide apart. Move your body weight to one leg, fold it at the knee and try going closer to the floor. Keep other leg straight. Repeat on each leg 10 times.

Piyush Pandey, founder and coach, CrossFit Himalaya.

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