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Take a break: Exercise in office

We all know that poor posture and sitting for long hours is bad for health. So spare five minutes each day and do these exercises at your workstation

Neck bends; and Neck stretch
Neck bends; and Neck stretch

Neck bends

Stand straight with your shoulders relaxed. Slowly bend your neck so that your right ear touches your right shoulder. Hold for five counts, move it to starting position and then bring it towards your left shoulder. Repeat 10 times.

Neck stretch

Stand straight, shoulder relaxed. Without straining your neck, bring your chin towards your chest. Hold for five counts and bring it back and look at the ceiling. Repeat 10 times.

Stair jump; and Step ups.

Stair jump

Stand in front of the staircase and take a small dip. Then jump to the stairs above you. This exercise requires your leg and core muscles to contract very quickly. Do 20 times, then take a break, and do 20 more.

Step ups

Stand in front of the staircase and step your right foot on the first step. Bring your left foot up. Then go back to your starting position. Do this 20 times on each leg. This works your quadriceps muscles.

Shoulder stretch; and Back stretch

Shoulder stretch

Place your right hand on the wall at shoulder level and stretch it out. Now, slowly move your left shoulder back. Hold for 10 counts. Repeat on other side.

Back stretch

Stand with your back against the wall, and feet hip width apart. Twist from your waist up, and place both hands on the wall. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat on other side.

Push up; and Toe touch

Push up

Place your hands on a table and move back so that your palms are below your shoulders and body in a straight line. Push yourself towards the table so that your chest touches the table.Rise up slowly. Repeat 10 times.

Toe touch

Place one heel on a chair. Keeping the leg and your back straight, try touching your toe. This will stretch the hamstring muscles, located along the back of the thigh. Hold for 10 counts. Repeat on other leg.

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