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Take a break

We all know that poor posture and sitting for long hours is bad for health. So spare five minutes each day and do these exercises at your workstation

Side bend (left); and upper back extension.
Side bend (left); and upper back extension.

Side bend

Keep fingertips behind the head and lower back stable. Now lift your waist and do a side bend. Hips should stay on the chair, stretching the opposite side out. Return and repeat on the other side.

Upper back extension

Keep fingertips behind the head, the lower back stable, inh ale and slide the chin and chest upwards. Let the ribs open, exhale and return to start position

Lower back stretch: Repeat thrice

Lower back stretch

While seated, stretch your legs wider than the chair. Now bend forward to touch the floor with your hands. Walk your hands towards the back of the chair to stretch. Repeat thrice.

Seated Swan: Repeat thrice

Seated Swan

Sit straight. Lift your arms to ears, the chest to the ceiling, and sequentially lift and arch the spine upwards. Exhale to return to start position. Repeat thrice.

Foot stress release: Repeat six times

Foot stress release

Roll a tennis ball under the soles of your feet, making sure to roll through the centre of the foot and then across from big toe to the little one. Repeat six times.

Knee strengthening: Repeat 10 times on each leg

Knee strengthening

Keep one leg on a low table, knee bent at 15 degrees. Push the heel away to pull the knee cap towards thighs and straighten the leg. Repeat 10 times on each leg.

Roll down

Roll down

Stand against a wall, legs slightly in front. Roll down sequentially till fingers reach toes, and then roll back up making sure to press the lower back in to the wall before rolling up the shoulders. This stretches the spine and opens the shoulders.

Shoulder rotation

Shoulder rotation

Hold a band around palms, elbows tucked into waist. Push forearms wider. Repeat 10 times. This exercise helps strengthen the rotator cuff muscles around the shoulder joint.

Reverse bridge: Repeat thrice

Reverse bridge

Sit on the floor. Now move your hands behind hips and feet forward. Lift hips off till chest in a way that thighs are in straight line. Keep elbows straight. Repeat thrice.

Spine twist: Repeat five times

Spine twist

Sit straight, with arms crossed in front of your shoulders. Now rotate only from the rib cage towards right, back to centre and then left. Repeat five times.

By Taru Chaddha, founder, RedMat Pilates Studios, Gurugram

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