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Stand out with these updates on the camouflage print

  • While the camouflage print has traditionally been used by the military to disguise oneself, fashion houses and designers are turning the print on top of its head through unique reinterpretations
  • Brands such as Valentino, Burberry and more are adding interesting accents, from neon colours to monograms


Blacks and blues are gradually replacing the traditional greens of camouflage. The glossy thermoplastic polyurethane of this “Drench Coat" offsets its dark tones. Available on; 2,799


For its Pre-Autumn/Winter 2019 menswear collection, the luxury house instilled a modern and sporty approach to camouflage by adding neon accents, such as on this cotton T-shirt made in Italy. The pops of colour lend it a surprising vibrancy. Available on; 28,947


This whimsical, hybridized shirt by the Japanese designer made in collaboration with British army surplus label ArkAir has a panelled front in camouflage print. Available on; £235 (around 20,185)


Last August, the British brand unveiled its new monogram print—an interwoven “TB"—as homage to its founder, Thomas Burberry. This lightweight satin and twill jacket for women incorporates the unique detail in tonal green and beige. Available on; $965.57 (around 66,625)


When you look closely at this wallet crafted from cross-grain leather, you can see pin-up-like silhouettes of women in camouflage greens— quite a cheeky design detail. Available on; £189.44 (around 16,250)

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