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Source: A compendium of Instagram accounts to make the most of your quaran-time

Instagram accounts that help you acquire a knack for creative cooking and other talents during the lockdown

‘Raise a glass’ by Nicobar
‘Raise a glass’ by Nicobar

21 Days of Creativity by Diaries of Nomad

The womenswear label reinterprets rural Indian style such as gypsy ghaghras and cholis while also repurposing the leftover fabric into accessories for a zero-waste process. On its Instagram account, founder Harshita Gautam helps you put scrap fabric to use with fun tutorials on textile crafts, from floral boutonnières to decorating any old T-shirt you might have. Available at @diariesofnomad

Yoga classes by Mihir Jogh

The yoga practitioner and teacher, who is also a model, is going live on Instagram at 8 am and 5 pm IST with free yoga classes to help people relieve stress and stay fit. Available at @jogmihir

‘Raise a glass’ by Nicobar

While the lifestyle brand has curated several lists of activities for the home—from relaxing playlists to simple food recipes—it has also come up with a list of cocktail recipes, like a Gondhoraj Martini and French 75. Available at @nicojournal

‘Masque at home’ by Masque restaurant

Mumbai-based eatery Masque’s founders, chefs Aditi Dugar and Prateek Sadhu, help you get creative in the kitchen by adapting some of their favourite recipes for you to try at home. Available at @masquerestaurant

Illustrated journalling by Noorain Ahmed

This is a good time to start journalling, and what if you could also learn how to illustrate your journal? Join architect and illustrator Noorain Ahmed on her fun daily lessons on the basics of illustration and doodling. Available at @noorain_aahmed

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