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North India is shivering

Cold wave sweeps Haryana and Punjab, Hisar reels at 1.4 degrees celsius

A contingent of Indian Coast Guard rehearses for the Republic Day Parade 2023 at the Kartavya Path during a cold and foggy morning, in Delhi. (PTI)

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The ongoing cold wave sweeping Haryana and Punjab continued unabated, with minimum temperatures on Sunday hovering below normal limits at most places. 

While the minimum temperatures have been hovering below normal limits at most places for the past over a fortnight, the maximum temperatures too have dropped sharply for the past over a week.

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Safdarjung in Delhi recorded a minimum temperature of 1.9 degrees Celsius, the India Meteorological Department on Sunday. According to the department's weather report, dense fog was observed at most places in Haryana and Punjab on Sunday morning.

Fog has enveloped several parts of both the states in recent days, reducing visibility in the morning hours.

Meanwhile, Hisar in Haryana reeled under severe chill, recording minimum temperatures of 1.4 degrees Celsius each.

Biting cold also prevailed in Sirsa, which recorded a minimum temperature of 3.2 degrees Celsius.

Bhiwani recorded a low of 4 degrees Celsius, Rohtak 3.8 degrees Celsius, Narnaul 3 degrees Celsius while Ambala's minimum settled at 4.9 degrees Celsius.

In Punjab, severe cold swept Adampur, which recorded a low of 2.8 degrees Celsius while Rupnagar also reeled under intense cold recording a low of 3.3 degrees Celsius.

Bathinda and Gurdaspur reeled under biting chill with minimum temperatures settling at 3.4 and 4.5 degrees Celsius respectively.

Ludhiana recorded a low of  5.3 degrees Celsius, Patiala 4.3 degrees Celsius, Amritsar 6.6 degrees Celsius, Pathankot 6.6 degrees Celsius, Faridkot 5.6 degrees Celsius, while Mohali recorded a low of 5.7 degrees Celsius.

Chandigarh, the common capital of the two states, recorded a low of 4.5 degrees Celsius.

The maximum temperatures have also dropped sharply in Haryana and Punjab, including Chandigarh for the past few days, settling in the range of 11 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius at most places.

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