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Monitor air quality with these apps

Before stepping out, track pollution and get air quality updates with these five apps

Photo: AIR by Plume Labs
Photo: AIR by Plume Labs

The aftermath of Diwali is here for everyone to see, and breathe. The Capital’s air quality (AQ) plunged to “severe" and “hazardous" this week, even as policymakers and government officials gave assurances that the situation is not as bad as last year.

Before you step out, refer to these apps that give regular updates on AQ and suggestions on limiting exposure to outdoor air or wearing masks. Mostly reliant on land-based measurements, satellite imagery, government monitoring units and sensors, these apps track pollution across multiple cities and countries.

AIR by Plume Labs

Minimialistic and effective, AIR by Plume Labs gives a live view of the AQ in your city along with real-time indices and concentrations of PM 2.5, PM 10, NO2 and O3. The app also shows you an yearly average while displaying the “best" or “worst" day of the year in terms of AQ. With algorithms and historical air quality data, the app additionally offers AQ forecasts for the coming 24 hours.

Available for free on iOS and Android

BreezoMeter Air Quality Index

Another app that provides location-specific, real-time AQ information. BreezoMeter collects AQ data from satellite data, governmental sensors and official air-quality monitoring stations worldwide. It then uses machine-learning algorithms to calculate AQ and learn how it moves and disperses. Apart from real-time AQ maps, the app gives you a daily weather forecast along with updated information on pollen concentration.

Available for free on iOS and Android

Air Matters

Apart from the usual offerings on AQ data, a standout feature of this app is its compatibility with AQ monitors like the Laser Egg, and air purifiers. You can connect the app with these devices to continuously monitor indoor AQ. You can even get AQ updates on wearables like the Apple Watch. The app provides pollution and pollen alerts along with detailed AQ maps from across the world.

Available for free on iOS and Android


Developed by the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR), under the Union ministry of earth sciences, the app shows AQ data for Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Apart from English, the app comes in multiple languages—Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati—making it accessible to a wider audience. The app is a useful tool to access reliable government data on AQ.

Available for free on iOS and Android


One of the most detailed apps on AQ, AirVisual uses interesting card-like visuals to display AQ in regions across the world. The app also shows a real-time AQ map, which can be substituted for an impressive real-time earth-view feature as well. When the app shows the AQ data from a particular city, it lists the source of the data as well—a useful addition.

Available for free on iOS and Android

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