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This year, Mahindra Group's cultural calendar targets millennials

Mahindra Group's annual cultural calendar focuses on celebrating the vibrance of Indian culture with a special focus on programming to attract younger audiences

Mahindra Blues Festival is one of Asia's largest blues festival.
Mahindra Blues Festival is one of Asia's largest blues festival. (Wikimedia Commons)

This year, the Mahindra Group, which releases a much-anticipated roster of cultural programming supported by the corporate every year, is focusing on millennials and Gen Z, with cultural events ranging from the independent rock festival to theatre awards. 

The group has announced its cultural events calendar for the year 2023-24, including the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards (META), which had a physical showcase this year after shifting to a virtual platform due to the pandemic for the past couple of years. One of the events, the Mahindra Blues Festival, is recognised as one of Asia's largest blues festivals, and was held last year held at the iconic 70-year-old Mehboob Studio in Mumbai. In previous iterations, it has hosted artists such as Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal, Johnny Lang, Popa Chubby, and Jimmy Thackery.

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Last year, it announced two new intellectual properties: Mahindra Roots and Mahindra Percussion. These aim "to provide a comprehensive symphonic experience, featuring poetry, rock, classical, and folk music in multiple languages, resonating with audiences from various backgrounds, especially millennials," according to a press statement by the group.

The upcoming year will start with the Mahindra Independence Rock Festival in November, to be followed by the Mahindra Kabira Festival, which will be held on the ghats of Varanasi to convey the essence of Kabir's philosophy to new-age audiences.

In February, the 12th edition of the Mahindra Blues Festival will host artists from across the world. Before the festival, the Mahindra Blues Band Hunt provides new artists an opportunity to exhibit their talent and be part of the festival. Later in the month, the Mahindra Roots Festival, which debuted this year, will yet again focus on reviving unique and forgotten art forms and get younger generations excited about music forms, immersive storytelling, and poetry in different languages.

The seven-day event, Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards Festival, will begin on 14 March, 2024. The META Awards have showcased more than 100 theatrical masterpieces from all over India and will continue this tradition at the next event as well. 

Finally, the first-of-its-kind Mahindra Percussion Festival, launched last year, will be held in March 2024. It aims to showcase timeless rhythms from a contemporary perspective to younger audiences.

Commenting on the scheduled cultural events, Jay Shah, Vice President, Cultural Outreach at Mahindra Group, said, "Our Cultural Outreach Initiative is meant to bring communities together and promote the many aspects of the Indian cultural landscape that remain unexplored, particularly from the lens of the youth."

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