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Messaging apps that are more secure than WhatsApp

While WhatsApp is regularly adding more security features, there are other instant messenger apps that specialize in secure conversations

Users tend to sway towards the more popular apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
Users tend to sway towards the more popular apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Is there a truly secure instant messaging app? This is a question many users ask, but don’t always get an easy answer for. Usually, users tend to sway towards the more popular apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. However, these may not be entirely secure, because they are meant for a large user demographic that wouldn’t ideally care about such features. For example, WhatsApp is now adding security features regularly. One recent example is the end-to-end encryption that WhatsApp added for conversations. Now, two-step verification has been added to the app, which will allow users to verify their numbers more securely using a six-digit code, and prevent impersonation of user accounts on the app.

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Silent Phone

$9.95 per month

Android and iOS

This is a secure messaging service that encrypts video and voice calls, text message encryption and secure file transfers. The message burn functionality can automatically delete messages you have sent, after the duration you selected at the time of sending. For calls, even if you are calling any mobile or landline anywhere in the world, your end of the conversation will be encrypted, to prevent snooping. The file transfers are supported for pdf, docx, mov, mp4, png and jpg file formats, which cover most of the often-used document and image formats.



Android and iOS

This free instant messaging app offers end-to-end encryption for all conversations. You can also set up chat groups, with complete encryption enabled, which can be very useful if you need to regularly communicate with your team and share potentially sensitive data. The app can be set up using your phone number, and there are no separate logins which are needed. While most encryption apps work only if the recipient also uses the same app, Signal can work with standard text messages as well.




This app works as the replacement for the default text messaging app on Android phones. The app does the encryption bit in two segments—first, it encrypts the messages on your phone, and messages to other users are encrypted over-the-air, which means they are secured before they are delivered to the recipient. The former is useful in case your device gets stolen, and anyone who gets their hands on it will not be able to unlock the treasure trove of information that you wish to secure. The latter method, enables end of end encryption for all calls, so that no one can snoop in during the chain, and read your messages.

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