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Jim Sarbh: Portrait of a young actor

Jim Sarbh will be next seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Padmavati'

Jim Sarbh.
Jim Sarbh.

Jim Sarbh, 30

First movie: Neerja

To be seen next in: Padmavati

A role you wish you had done.

Innumerable. Most recently Casey Affleck’s character Lee Chandler, in Manchester By The Sea.

As an actor, what’s the most hurtful criticism you have received?

I’m quite sensitive. I wish I was too cool to care but, like any good narcissist, I’m not.

However, despite the pain, this one is quite funny, “(Sarbh) has been sent by a secret shadowy society of theatre excellence to condescend on—and permanently destroy—the heightened art of film acting."

A part of your body you like to hide from the camera.


The most cinematic city in the world.

Granada, Spain. The cobbled, cobwebbed streets of the Albaicin leading to beautiful vistas of the city, where locals play guitar till the sun comes up, singing David Bowie songs perfectly without knowing any other English.

A movie that is an acting lesson in itself.

There Will Be Blood.

Your ideal breakfast on a day of shoot.


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