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‘If I were a cloud chaser...’

What would be the one must-have if we chased clouds instead of deadlines? The Lounge team makes a wish list

Burberry’s new laminated tartan trench.
Burberry’s new laminated tartan trench.

Anindita Ghose

I’d want to look the part in Burberry’s new laminated tartan trench. It’s red, it’s sexy and it’s thoroughly impractical (but my superior cloud-chasing skills would more than make up for that).

Bhanuj Kappal

If I’m going to chase storms, I want to do it in storm chaser Sean Casey’s Tornado Intercept Vehicle (TIV). In 2013, Casey drove the TIV 2—which looks like a DIY batmobile that had an accident with a hovercraft—into a tornado in Kansas, capturing what it’s like to be inside the storm on camera. Imagine driving that in Mumbai’s monsoon.

Bibek Bhattacharya

If I was a cloud chaser, I’d love a car that flies, like a “carocopter".

Neha Dara

Waterproof hairspray would be essential work gear, so I could enjoy the wind and pindrop-like water drops without having to worry about drying my long, curly locks all the time.

Nitin Sreedhar

I would want a futuristic self-fitting and self-drying raincoat, with a few waterproof pockets to keep some gadgets dry and handy.

Radhika Iyengar

I would capture the fleeting smell of rain in a bottle. The locals in Kanauj, Uttar Pradesh, are known for their skill in creating myriad fragrances, including the art of making mitti-attar (the scent of rain). Before I became a cloud chaser, I would head to Kanauj.

Pradip Kumar Saha

Cloud photography is addictive and it is easy to lose track of time and space. So I’d love to have a battery for my DSLR that doesn’t lose charge at all and a memory card that never runs out of space.

Shrabonti Bagchi

I’d see shapes in them. And stories. And songs. And rows and flows of angel hair. And ice-cream castles in the air. And feather canyons everywhere. Yes, I’ve looked at clouds that way too, Joni Mitchell.

SohinI Dey

Taking some inspiration from Jurassic World, I would build a gyrosphere. The glass walls would rainproof me without hindering a great view of the clouds.

Somak Ghoshal

If I were a cloud chaser, finally I’d have the perfect excuse to indulge in my obsession with Wellingtons: I’d get a pair each in all the colours of the rainbow for every day of the week.

Uday Bhatia

I’d load every AC/DC album from Highway To Hell to The Razors Edge on my iPod—a gale-force playlist for hurricane chasing.

Vatsala Chhibber

I wouldn’t go to work without a storm-muting device. Violent winds and flying cars are no trouble, but the sound of rolling thunder might send me in the opposite direction

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