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I enjoy high-intensity interval training: Nik Khanna

The 45-year-old BAE Systems' MD of India operations dishes out his #MondayMotivation

Nik Khanna
Nik Khanna

Nik Khanna has been the managing director of BAE Systems’ India operations since 2017. A board member at the company, the 45-year-old is an avid football fan and a passionate supporter of Manchester United and the New England Patriots. Khanna is based in New Delhi currently, but he calls Washington DC his home.

Morning boost

My day starts at around 6.45am with half a glass of lime water, ginger and honey. I then have coffee and eat some fruits with my two-year-old son, and also read the paper. I try and fit a workout, if there’s enough time. Otherwise, I catch up on the workout in the evenings. I prefer low-carb breakfasts comprising fruits, eggs, bacon, ham or pancakes.

Fitness files

I enjoy high-intensity interval training as it’s a super-efficient workout for someone with a busy schedule. My exercise regime involves a mix of swimming, weight training, stretching and tennis (once or twice a week). I try and hit the gym three to five days a week. I used to detest running but have gotten over that now, and find it one of the best ways to stay fit.

Sleep log

I believe sticking to a regular bedtime, and getting up on time helps develop a healthy rhythm. I make sure I go to bed by 11pm and catch up on at least six to eight hours of sleep. Usually, once a month, I travel abroad, and the way I avoid jet-lag is by resting on the flight and getting a good night’s sleep immediately upon arrival at the destination. I drink a lot of water, exercise at the hotel and eat healthy.

Chamomile tea
Chamomile tea

Food for fuel

I enjoy having chamomile and green tea, which have antioxidants that help reduce weight and risk of heart disease.

How I find my Zen

At work, I try and find 20-30 minutes of lunchtime, where I read the newspaper to catch up on the latest business news. At home, I enjoy catching up on global strategic affairs, sports, car shows and every now and then a favourite show on Netflix. I love listening to music, ranging from rock to classic rock and electronic.

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