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How entrepreneurs keep their new year resolutions

New year resolutions aren't made to be broken and these entrepreneurs who have stayed the course and set more intentions share their tips

Most founders and creators who have set intentions for the year ahead track their progress on a weekly basis.
Most founders and creators who have set intentions for the year ahead track their progress on a weekly basis. (Pexels)

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We all know that a new year is simply a line drawn for convenience to demarcate time. The “new” simply ticks on in continuation and change has little to do with flipping our calendars to January. Despite this, we make resolutions for improvement, and unfortunately, as studies tell us, almost 80% of new year resolutions fail within the first two weeks of January. But do take heart—there are those who have kept up with resolutions. They share they ways in which they are working to keep their new year resolutions. Experts from various fields, who are no stranger to discipline, hard work, talent and consistency, share the intentions they’ve started pursuing in 2023.

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Kavita Khosa, founder, Purearth

Ayurveda prescribes habits, daily rituals that give you a sense of direction, and this year, I have started doing Ayurveda rituals in a more way. I’ve started the Ritucharya (seasonal practices) and Dinacharya (daily practices).  I have set time for myself in the morning and evening to go through my daily Ayurvedic practices. On the professional front, I am keen to dive deeper into unani medicine and Ayurvedic pharmacognosy, especially of rare Himalayan plants, and have started planning research projects.

Rohan Chakravarty, creator of Green Humour

My professional new year resolution was to say a firmer ‘no’ to clients and publishers who do not have creative vision. This is a step towards focusing more on personal projects. Taking more breaks from sitting at the desk to catch up on balcony-birding counts may not be a professional resolution, but it certainly is one I’ve started pursuing. I'll just call it an ‘unprofessional’ resolution!

Anubrata Biswas, MD and CEO, Airtel Payments Bank

The bank’s scale is at a critical juncture, more so in its ability to contribute to India, and I believe the greater impact will be achieved by choosing the right sprints. The sprints need impatience and unflagging belief. The same choice runs across the time I want to spend with my near and dear. Races sometimes take us away from smelling the fresh air with loved ones.

Priya Kapoor, director, Roli Books

As I race towards middle age, I realize the need and importance of a discipline that will help my inner being and mental health. I have established a regular exercise regime for myself but have not found time to work on my inner engineering. So this year, I have started a meditation and mindfulness practice.

Theyiesinuo Keditsu, educator and author

My line of work brings me in touch with amazing young people, many of whom I mentor casually and sporadically. This year, I have starting mentoring in a more intentional and structured manner. I am also working on my swimming skills. During the pandemic, I learnt to overcome my fear of water—floating first, then swimming. In the process, I have become somewhat braver in other aspects of my life. I am hoping swimming proficiently will enable me to venture into new waters.

Veena Arora, senior consultant for The Spice Route restaurant, The Imperial Hotel New Delhi

I would like to take up more challenging projects, where I can experiment with my creativity. I would like to travel and find platforms for exciting opportunities, learn local cuisines and meet other cooking enthusiasts. On a personal front, I would like to focus on my health and try new fitness routines like yoga.

Rudraksh Dwivedi, founder and creative director of Rudraksh Dwivedi

Having built my label from scratch, I’m used to doing things a certain way. I need to learn to relinquish control and trust the process. Also, I would like to focus on myself and prioritise self-care in 2023 by ensuring a better work-life balance.

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