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Gig Watch: Loretta Holloway

South Carolina's First Lady of Song Loretta Holloway has a mesmerizing voice that adds a touch of magic to old jazz standards

Loretta Holloway.
Loretta Holloway.

Mumbai jazz and R&B-heads are in for a treat as Loretta Holloway—known as “South Carolina’s First Lady of Song"—is performing at The Quarter this weekend. A regular on the Las Vegas and Atlantic City showroom circuit, Holloway has a mesmerizing, captivating voice that adds a touch of elegance and magic to her renditions of American jazz standards. Over the years, she has opened for artists like Whoopi Goldberg, Don Rickles, Rich Little and Jerry Lewis, and was presented to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in a Royal Command Performance in Australia. Don’t miss the opportunity to see her cast her spell in The Quarter’s intimate setting.

When & where

Loretta Holloway plays at The Quarter, Mumbai, today. Tickets, available on, start from 1,999.

The lowdown

Holloway’s stripped version of Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit—one of the first anti-lynching protest songs—is both haunting and topical. It’s a beautiful tribute to the tempestuous jazz great.

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