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Gig Watch: Helena Hauff

Helena Hauff, the German DJ and producer, is one of the biggest names in techno, and her DJ sets are an education in the weirder corners of dance music history

Helena Hauff.
Helena Hauff.

Helena Hauff has come a long way from her early years as a resident at Hamburg’s cult Golden Pudel club. The German DJ and producer is one of the biggest names on the techno scene right now, winning fans all over the world on the back of an uncompromising blend of stripped-down techno, electro, acid, industrial and goth music. While her EPs—and 2015’s studio album Discreet Desires—generally stay within the noisy lo-fi spectrum, her DJ sets span a much wider selection of sounds, incorporating everything from punk rock to new wave to obscure art-rock oddities. Watching Hauff spin is an education in the weirder corners of dance music history.

When & where

Hauff will be performing at Famous Studios, Mumbai, today and at Kitty Ko, Bengaluru, on Sunday. Tickets for Mumbai, available at, are priced at 800. Bengaluru tickets, available at, start from 500.

Lounge lowdown

The best introduction to Hauff is her 2017 BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, which was named the prestigious radio show’s best mix of the year.

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