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Gaja Capital Business Book Prize announces its 2021 shortlist

From the career of Azim Premji to that of Rana Kapoor, the five titles chronicle the good, bad and everything in between in India's business ecosystem

The shortlisted books for the Gaja Capital Business Book Prize 2021.

The Gaja Business Book Prize, awarded by one of India's leading private equity firms, announced Tuesday its 2021 shortlist of five best non-fiction books on contemporary Indian business.

These include: Azim Premji: The Man Beyond the Billions by Sundeep Khanna and Varun Sood; Getting Competitive: A Practitioner’s Guide for India by R.C. Bhargava; Indian Icon: A Cult called Royal Enfield by Amrit Raj; Overdraft: Saving the Indian Saver by Urjit Patel; and Yes Man: The Untold Story of Rana Kapoor by Pavan C. Lall.

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Instituted two years ago, the 15 lakh prize is meant to inspire Indian entrepreneurs, writers, and journalists to tell their stories to the world. Last year former Mint journalist Mihir Dalal won the prize for his debut book, Big Billion Startup: The Untold Flipkart Story. The 2019 prize was won by Girish Kuber, the author of The Tatas: How a Family Built a Business and a Nation.

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“Business bookshelves are dominated by western stories of business and entrepreneurship," said Gopal Jain, Managing Partner, Gaja Capital. "As the Indian economy scales and the Indian entrepreneurial and investor ecosystem matures, we will have many more stories and lessons for the world, from India." 

This year's shortlist of the prize features books that document the stories of homegrown businesses and trace the journey of business ecosystems in India. From industry leader Azim Premji's business and philanthropic initiatives, to the evolution of the cult of the Royal Enfield in India, to the roller-coaster ride of YES Bank, to a chronicle of the large bad debt challenge in India's banking system, the books provide a vibrant overview of India's business scenario.  

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