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Flavours | Snake Sours and rock ‘n’ roll

Bartenders from one of Hong Kong’s best bars are set to shake up classic cocktails in Mumbai

Bartender Tink Aira Chen shakes up a cocktail.
Bartender Tink Aira Chen shakes up a cocktail.

Riff on classic cocktails this weekend as bartenders Tink Aira Chan and Arlene Wong from The Pontiac bar in Hong Kong take over Mumbai’s Olive Bar And Kitchen. The Pontiac, which has been a regular fixture on Asia’s 50 Best Bars list since the inception of the awards in 2016, has only nine cocktails on its menu, each a well-executed and stylish drink.

“The most obvious trend in craft currently is refined pre-production— a drink with ingredients that have been infused, redistilled, clarified, carbonated or any combination of the above, and batched before service. The result is typically a beautiful, somewhat simple-looking libation that takes a fraction of the time to execute on demand but can often hold thrice the depth of flavour compared to any 8- to 12-touch cocktail," says Beckaly Franks, owner of The Pontiac.

While the bar might have an exclusive cocktail programme, it channels a grungy coolth befitting legendary dives. An all-female bar staff, classic rock ‘n’ roll and stellar drinks keep the party going till early morning.

In Mumbai, the Pontiac’s bartenders will shake up six of their signature cocktails, including My Name Is Nobody, which spices up a negroni with chilli-infused rum, and a Snake Sour, which combines a dark plantation rum with spiced rhubarb bitters, amaretto and egg white.

The Pontiac’s bartenders will take over the Olive Bar & Kitchen in Bandra, Mumbai, on 2-3 August.

Compiled by Diya Kohli.

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