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Fashion shows are part of the decor at this e-tailer’s office

Each floor in the Myntra office is dedicated to a different theme that varies from sports to fashion icons and technology

Nneha Biswas, deputy director of design at Myntra, enjoys working or having meetings in the informal breakout areas (Jithendra M/Mint)

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Seated on the top floor of the Myntra office in its quiet Think Tank, as the design studio is called, it’s hard to believe that we are less than 500m from the chaos and traffic snarls of Hosur Road. Nneha Biswas, deputy director of design at Myntra, walks us through the office spread over 2,20,000sq.ft —across two buildings connected by a walkway.

Biswas, who previously worked with designer Manish Arora and fashion startup Done by None, says the Myntra office is different from anywhere she has worked in the past. From colourful breakout spaces to funky wall art and state-of-the-art fashion studios, the office hasn’t a dull corner.

The Think Tank is one of Biswas’ favourite spaces in this building. This 3,700 sq ft collaborative design studio boasts of a multimedia interactive touch screen wall, modular working tables and wardrobes, perfect simulation of daylight and a circular fashion runway.

As the design lead on one of Myntra’s 17 private brands (including All About You that’s co-owned by Deepika Padukone), Biswas often needs to work in tandem with different teams and departments while brainstorming or working on a new collection. “I like spaces where I can gather and converse with people because I believe that solutions can’t be found in isolation,” says the 34-year-old. This is also the reason why she’s partial to the breakout areas on each floor.

On one side, the moveable walls of the Think Tank open out to the cafeteria, which is useful when there’s a fashion show for the latest collection. There’s also a game floor next to the Think Tank with space for badminton, table tennis, foosball and a small cricket pitch. While Biswas doesn’t play, she enjoys cheering friends and colleagues whenever a match is on.

Colourful themes

Each floor in the Myntra office is dedicated to a different theme that varies from sports to fashion icons and technology. Hence, the celebrity-themed breakout area on the first floor cleverly juxtaposes a paparazzi-themed wall across a Walk of Fame passageway. One of Biswas’ favourites is the bright red race track floor on the ground floor in keeping with the sports theme décor. “Imagine walking into the office each morning. You immediately feel charged when you walk across this path,” she says, enthusiastically.

All the breakout areas are littered with colourful and casual seating—from poufy stools to comfy sofas. As Biswas says, these spaces allow for fluid conversations with colleagues instead of feeling boxed into the formal environs of a conference room. “These spaces are great for impromptu meetings, working-on-the-go, alone time or to brainstorm with colleagues,” Biswas adds. Next to each breakout area is a pantry with a barista and a fridge containing breakfast essentials such as bread, peanut butter, milk and cereals.

Inspiration on the walls

Another interesting feature is the presence of inspiring quotes or interesting trivia on the walls of meeting rooms, work bays and common areas—from snippets about Steve Jobs’ work philosophy to Naomi Campbell’s meteoric rise in the fashion industry. As Amar Nagaram, head, Myntra-Jabong, puts it, “Themes on fashion, sports, technology, among others, adorn alleys and work bays at Myntra, creating an atmosphere conducive to deeper involvement and original thinking. We also draw inspiration from the success of individuals and brands, with their journeys etched on our walls, reminding us of their passion and dedication to achieve the unthinkable. More importantly, it is designed to enable people to bring out their best as individuals and as a team.”

On the runway

As we make our way across the first floor, our attention is caught by flashes of light and music from one of the rooms. This is one of the nine fashion studios in the Myntra office. Inside, a model poses against a white backdrop while another is in make-up with a stylist in attendance. Next to them, is a large computer screen where each shot is reviewed closely before it makes it makes its way to the Myntra app and website. “Every time we put together a catalogue for a new collection, we schedule shoots and use the studios, which are fully equipped. There are in-house photographers, stylists and make-up artists and everyone works as a team to make it happen,” Biswas says.

One of the things Biswas loves about her job is that no day is like any other. Having spent three-and-a-half years in Myntra, Biswas says, “Every day is a surprise. It’s satisfying to be in a space that’s always evolving and reinventing the wheel.”

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