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‘F1 2016’: console quality on your phone

The game works on all iPhones, starting from the 5S, and most iPads

Game studio Codemasters has released the first-ever iteration of the F1 game title—made for Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox consoles—for Android and iOS devices. From what we have experienced, it replicates the brilliance at every step. The game works on all iPhones, starting from the 5S, and most iPads. However, for the Android ecosystem, while Codemasters suggests that you keep at least 2.67 GB of free space on your device for the game to install properly, the hardware your phone runs will also make a difference. Older Android devices may not be compatible.

There is a slickness to the gameplay that seems more polished than even the most visually expressive smartphone games. As you get on to your first race, the game prompts you to select one of the four configurations of controls—beginner and pro tilt as well as beginner and pro touch. There are also a variety of artificial intelligence (AI) assists that can be turned on or off, including braking assistance. There are a bunch of game modes as well, including single races as well as an entire championship. You can take part in these by selecting any of the official teams or drivers, and the entire weekend set is available—practice sessions, qualifying and the full race. The visual appeal of the console versions of F1 2016 was all about the extremely fine detailing—cars, the driver overalls and helmets, ambient weather, race tracks, and more. The same excellence has been replicated on the smaller smartphone screens as well as the tablet displays.

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