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Diwali Special: The Lounge guide to Diwali gifting

  • Share the love as you shop this festive season with gifts from eco-friendly and conscious labels
  • From marker ink that’s been processed from soot to channapatna toys for children, there’s something for everyone

Different gifting ideas this Diwali.
Different gifting ideas this Diwali.


Keep your outfit modern yet traditional with this hand-spun and handwoven silk kameez shirt from Harago. Available via the label’s Instagram page @harago; 12,000

This banana fibre arched floor lamp from Purple Turtles unfurls into a floral shape. The minimalist stand makes a statement too. Available at; 55,121

A British-era wooden bureau from Calcuttan, this vintage piece has been restored using natural polish and wax. Available at; 85,000

Gift yourself some privacy with this divaar from Kam ce Kam. It’s primarily crafted from cane. Available at; 3.3 lakh

Paro’s Mudita Mishran, a combination of four botanical oils, claims to reduce anxiety and aid sleep. Available at the Paro store, Delhi; 4,200


Made with recycled plastic and organic cotton, Veja’s running shoes will put a spring in your step. Available at; €130 (around 10,255)

Love your sneakers for longer with Sneaker Lab’s biodegradable and eco-friendly sneaker cleaner. Available at; 649

Why not keep your plant in a plant-based planter? Try this rustic-looking one made from jute, from Vajor. Available at; 1,299

Proyog’s recyclable yoga mat is made with natural rubber and jute. Available at; 4,499

PA.NI’s swimsuit is made from recycled fishing nets. Bonus: It’s made-to-tailor for your size. Available at; 4,500


With all the festive preparations, a good natural pick-me-up to look energized is this watermelon and seaweed face mist from Vaunt. Available at; 575

This cane necklace from Valliyan gives the art deco aesthetic a sustainable edge. Available at; 7,500

Breathe new life into an old sari with this clutch from I Was A Sari, which upcycles discarded saris. Available at; $40

Make a splash with this jamdani Dandelion Red dress from The Plavate. Available at; 15,500

Swap your fabric bow-tie with a strikingly simple wooden one from Mitre. Available at; $79 (around 5,600)


With Gravicky Lab’s AIR-INK marker, keep soot out of the air and on your pages with their patented converting process. Available at; $30 (around 2,126)

This hand-hammered bowl in recycled brass from Nimboo can be a chic addition to your dining table. Available at; €152 (Around 12,000)

While the adults indulge in card games, let the children have a good time too. This Channapatna Tic-Tac-Toe game from Varnam might be a good option. Available at; 1,800

With Moringa What’s pure oil, you can keep your skin and hair moisturized this season. Available at; 1,190

From a soft sleep mask to a handmade diary, 11.11/eleven eleven’s essentials kit holds true to its name for any man’s wardrobe. Available at; 12,900

Made from stoneware clay, this glazed Healer Kettle from Claymen will keep your tea fresh. Available at; 4,800

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