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Creating billionaires of moments

This year, INK Conference, to be held in Hyderabad, will focus on creating 'moments'

Jesko von den Steinen at INK Asia 2016 in Singapore. Photo: Inktalks

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The annual INK Conference was originally inspired by the TED Talks—INK founder Lakshmi Pratury brought TED to India in 2009, when the first TEDIndia conference was held in Mysuru—but has grown into its own. Now in its ninth edition, INK is known for its well-curated list of speakers and attendees, who range from CXOs to artists, performers, entrepreneurs and activists. Besides putting together the annual conference, INK also runs a fellowship programme, selecting and mentoring young people with exciting ideas. This year, the conference, to be held in Hyderabad, will focus on creating “moments”—what Pratury calls “three days of mind-spa”. “The idea of creating ‘billionaires of moments’ is a way of redefining success—how many great, inspiring moments you have created for yourself and others,” says Pratury. Among this year’s diverse speakers are Lathika Pai, country head, Microsoft For Startups; Wendy Calhoun, writer and producer of megahit American TV shows like Empire and Nashville; Anjali Gopalan, founder of Naz Foundation; Girish Mathrubootham, founder and CEO of unicorn start-up Freshworks; and Jesko von den Steinen, a former solo artist with the Cirque du Soleil.

The INK Conference will be held from 30 November-2 December at Trident, Hyderabad. For details, visit

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