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Conservation battles

Sanjay Gubbi's 'Second Nature' details the fight to save the tiger

Second Nature: Rainfed Books, 126 pages, Rs499.
Second Nature: Rainfed Books, 126 pages, Rs499.

While the plight of wild tigers makes news headlines, the behind-the-scenes stories to save the animal and its habitat, which play out in the field and courtrooms for years, remain largely untold. The life of a wildlife conservationist is fraught with twists and turns, an unexpected win amidst losses. Karnataka-based wildlife conservationist Sanjay Gubbi’s new book, Second Nature—Saving Tiger Landscapes In The Twenty-First Century, puts the spotlight on the long-drawn battles to save an iconic species and its forest home.

In eight short essays, Gubbi narrates what it takes to fight to preserve and protect wildlife. In his words: “The book is about the efforts to help save one of the most charismatic wild cats in the world. It describes battles in courtrooms; attempts to convince ministers and bureaucrats; and the initiative to stop traffic at night on highways through tiger reserves…. It also describes watching tigers slowly return to parched forests where just about a decade ago the bandit Veerappan had operated. It is also about the frontline warrior of wildlife conservation, the dedicated forest guard."

This easy and compelling read should inspire young nature enthusiasts who are looking at a career in wildlife conservation.

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