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Body talk for teens

A forthcoming workshop explores body dignity and sexual expression in the age of #MeToo

‘Fondle’ (2018) by Murari Jha. Photo: Priyank Gothwal
‘Fondle’ (2018) by Murari Jha. Photo: Priyank Gothwal

It’s no longer enough to just have “the talk" with teenagers and young adults. They also need to learn about the rights and responsibilities regarding their sexuality—from consent to sexual harassment and sexual abuse.

“Body dignity is most important to access any fundamental right, be it expression, mobility, health, education or safety. Till we do not understand this, we cannot build a fearless and violence-free society," says Deepa Pawar, founder of the Mumbai-based NGO Anubhuti Trust.

On 27 October, Pawar is holding an interactive workshop for teens aged 13-16, titled “I Am Unique: Understanding Body Rights and Responsibilities". This session will address teenagers’ questions on their bodies, consent and communication. The discussion is part of an ongoing exhibition, Fondle, currently showing at Mumbai Art Room, a curatorial lab. The exhibition features Murari Jha’s interactive sculptures which use everyday materials and familiar objects to mimic “erogenous zones". Interacting with the sculptures is sure to evoke some complex questions on consent.

I Am Unique is on 27 October at Mumbai Art Room, Colaba, Mumbai. For more details, visit

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