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5 homes that are perfect for a vacation

Take a relaxing holiday in a place that seems like home

Staying in a home rather than a hotel on a vacation lets you engage closely with culture and lifestyle of the locals.
Staying in a home rather than a hotel on a vacation lets you engage closely with culture and lifestyle of the locals. (iStockphoto)

Staying in a private home has many advantages over a vacation in a hotel. It lets you engage closely with culture and lifestyle of the locals, and often leads to a more personal experience. After a long day of sight-seeing there is nothing better than coming to a place that feels like home, where you can spend quality time with friends, family, or just by yourself. Across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa and Maharashtra, a number of home owners have opened up their houses to travellers and make for superb hosts. You could pick from this list of modern and lush homes away from home, ones that are more traditional, or even those known for their innovative construction, but each of them offers unique experiences to travellers like myself, who seek out comfort and relaxation.

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Heritage and relaxation

Located near the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mamallapuram, Lotus Villa in Tamil Nadu consists of one bedroom, living room, kitchen, swimming pool, a lovely garden and a lily pond and private beach access. There is a fully furnished kitchen and patio for the guests, a flat-screen television and free wifi. It’s a great place to unwind after a day of exploring the ancient rock-cut temples and beautiful stone sculptures, and taking in the seaside charm of the town that effortlessly merges history and natural beauty.

An underground getaway

In Murbad, Maharashtra is AsanjA, a unique earth-shelter residence with 360° views of the magnificent Sahyadri Hills. The subterranean house has five rooms a pool, a living room, an indoor dining space, and numerous undulating rooftop and terrace gardens. It’s the ideal blend of natural luxury and country relaxation. Until you approach the main stairway, the house only presents itself in bits. Murbad, a gorgeous town set in the Sahyadri hills, has lush vegetation, cascading waterfalls, and a calm environment that provides a reprieve from city life.

Forts and beaches

Coastal Luxury Escape is a private home in Parule, Maharashtra, a tropical area of forts and undiscovered beaches. The property is built on a cliff and has a panoramic view of the ocean. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an intimate infinity pool, and an extensive living area. Bhogwe beach is close by and the sunsets around are breathtaking. Apart from chefs who prepare personalized meals, the homestay provides an assistant who can guide you through other activities. Parule, a hidden treasure along the Konkan coast, enchants visitors with its beautiful beaches and rustic appeal.

A taste of Bali 

Bird’s Nest is a magnificent Balinese villa in Siolim, Goa, with high-beamed ceilings and charming vibe. Take in the scenery from the pool and lovely garden. The villa is built for families or couples, with three en-suite bedrooms, a vast swimming pool constructed of shuka bhumi stone, and a wide open living space. Soak in a hot tub under the stars. Despite the fact that stores and restaurants are only a five-minute drive away, the neighbourhood feels tranquil and private. Siolim, located on the banks of the Chapora River, has quiet scenery, bustling town life, and a great balance of tranquilly and adventure.

Contemplate the forest

In Assagao, Goa, Casa Belinha is a luxury property with a pool in a beautiful green environment. The villa's open-concept construction and extended covered sit-out make it the ideal spot to spend peaceful nights appreciating the forest. Inspired by Goa's modern architecture, the villa has an air-conditioned living, and dining space, and four ensuite bedrooms and convenient workspaces. A personal caretaker on duty around-the-clock pampers you all day. This picturesque hamlet, nestled in lush vegetation, captivates with its small streets, Portuguese influence, and a bohemian vibe.

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