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A daily dose of design

Four digital fixes for the latest news from the world of design

Design Facts is a platform that shares nuggets of information and trivia on design.
Design Facts is a platform that shares nuggets of information and trivia on design.

From a podcast that features episodes on design elements in different categories to a Twitter handle on little-known design facts, here are four social media sites that have the latest scoops on what’s trending in the world of design.

Dexigner (website)

A leading portal for all things design, Dexigner has been publishing content on design news, events, books and resources for 16 years. The portal’s best feature is Design Directory, a comprehensive database on trends and concepts ranging from urban and textile design to futuristic concepts like 3D design. The portal also has an index of design resources, firms, studios, museums and other organizations from across the world. A local search option lists design-related resources in the user’s vicinity.

Go to:

99% Invisible (podcast)

It’s not common to find curated podcasts on the intricacies of design and architecture but 99% Invisible is an exclusive radio show on the designs that shape life around us. The website features articles and podcasts in eight categories: architecture, infrastructure, cities, objects, sounds, visuals, technology, and history with a focus on the elements of design. The podcast generally features Roman Mars, its creator and host, and experts in different categories.

Go to:; also available via RSS

Design Milk (Instagram)

An online news portal dedicated to modern design and future concepts, Design Milk looks at what is trending in the fields of art, architecture, interior design, furniture and decor, fashion and technology. Design Milk has an interesting blend of columns that feature exclusive one-on-ones with designers, features on design shops, food design and minimalist design concepts, etc. It also offers a guide (Design Milk Travels) for modern design enthusiasts and a separate page (Design Milk Everyday) for users to discover cool and affordable modern design objects.

Go to: @designmilk, @designmilkeveryday and @designmilktravels on Instagram

Design Facts (Twitter)

Design Facts is a platform that shares nuggets of information and trivia on design. These facts could be from a variety of design topics: branding, typography, illustrations and so on. Here are two from the branding section, for instance: The 2010 Fifa World Cup identity was designed by a Johannesburg-based design company, Switch Design. And in 1979, McDonald’s hired American graphic designer Seymour Chwast to design the packaging for their new product—the Happy Meal.

Go to: @DesignFacts or

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