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A note on the issue: Our best foot forward

For our cover story this week, we preview the T20 World Cup and list the best moments from the tournament’s history

India celebrating after their match with Pakistan at the ICC Twenty20 Cricket World Championship in 2007 in Durban, South Africa. Courtesy Getty images

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Rain is one of those things we can’t really make up our minds about—it’s longed for when the skies are clear, but dampens all spirits and seems to cause havoc when it actually arrives. Over the last few weeks, cloudbursts and thunderstorms have left streets and homes flooded in Bengaluru, Delhi and Gurugram. In the Himalaya, too, the relationship with rain is conflicted, even ironic, as our columnist Neha Sinha writes.

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Water is scarce, so rain is welcome to feed streams as well as hold precious soil together, but too much, especially in the wrong season—as is increasingly the case—leaves people wondering whether it is useful and when it will stop. She writes that in places where life is attuned to the weather, such unpredictability is trying. But I would say it’s as much a problem elsewhere too. Climate change is clearly an issue but the concrete we are pouring everywhere, whether in cities or the mountains, worsens the impacts. Do read Neha’s insightful column to better understand the connections.

For our cover story this week, we turn to more entertaining matters, with a preview of the T20 World Cup. The tournament begins tomorrow in Australia and we analyse the main teams to watch, and the challenges each will face as they seek the trophy. While England are a team in transition, looking to regain their pace, South Africa and Australia could be India’s main challengers. 

This year also marks 15 years since the first T20 World Cup was held in 2007, and we have a list of the best moments from the tournament’s history, from dubious records to the most exciting fours and sixes. It’s a ready-made list of highlights to watch tonight so you can warm up before play starts tomorrow. If cricket isn’t your cup of tea, then you can pick, as always, from the stellar line-up of suggestions on what to watch, read, eat and enjoy that we have curated for you.

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