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OTT releases to watch this week: Alcarràs, The Exchange and more

A series about Italy’s first female lawyer, an award-winning Catalan drama, and other titles to watch

A still from 'The Exchange'
A still from 'The Exchange'

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The Law According To Lidia Poët

Set in Turin in the late 19th century, Lidia Poët (Matilda De Angelis) is barred from practising law simply because she's a woman. As she appeals against the decision, she finds a way out by assisting her lawyer brother, Enrico (Pier Luigi Pasino). Supporting her are the reporter Jacopo (Eduardo Scarpetta) and her friend/lover Andrea (Dario Aita). Inspired by Italy's first female lawyer, it's an enjoyable mini-series with gorgeous costumes and accessories—Poët is often seen wearing pendants and earrings in moth/butterfly design, one particular pair matches the blue of her eyes. (Netflix)—Nipa Charagi

The Exchange

The series, set in late 1980s, amid political tension between Iran and Kuwait, follows Farida (Rawan Mahdi) and Munira (Mona Hussain), who challenge conventional gender norms by working in the male-dominated Kuwaiti Stock Exchange as trading clerks. While they are cousins, there is also intense competition between the two. Farida is recently divorced and seeking financial stability; Munira is single, aggressive and ambitious—"I am living in two worlds, one mine, one my family's," she says. Inspired by a true story, the eighties fashion is on point. (Netflix)—NC


In a Catalonian village, a family of peach farmers spends every summer together. Now they must band together when disruptive plans to install solar panels on their land threaten their way of life. Carla Simón’s film won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival last year and was Spain’s official submission to the Oscars. (MUBI)

Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam 

A Malayali man named James wakes up from slumber believing he’s a Tamil-speaking man named Sundaram. This film, starring Mammooty, is the latest by the prolific Lijo Jose Pellissery. The screenplay is by S. Hareesh, whose short story, Maoist, was adapted by Pellissery as Jallikattu in 2019. (Netflix)



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