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Streaming, but for theatre

Loved 'Hamilton' and want more theatre in your life? Reacquaint yourself with top plays from around the world on these streaming services


Loved Hamilton and want more theatre in your life? Ditch Netflix for a while and reacquaint yourself with classic Shakespeare, bold adaptations and Tony award-winning plays on these streaming services:

Globe Player

William Shakespeare’s Globe, a London cultural landmark, has created its own digital player and is streaming hundreds of hours of Shakespearean drama. While some of the content has to be paid for (to rent for £3.99, around 385, or purchase for £5.99), plenty of it is free to view as well, such as the Shakespeare Lives short film collection, a series of 11 films commissioned to UK artists and directors.

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Digital Theatre

Think of it as Netflix for theatre. This subscription-based streaming platform brings the best of global theatre to your screen for £9.99 a month (you can also rent individual plays for 48 hours for £7.99) and is a great way to dip your toes into experimental theatre productions like Stephen Sondheim’s Into The Woods, which weaves together famous fairy tales in an allegorical story of family, love and morality.

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Broadway HD

The largest digital home for musical theatre, this has hundreds of productions—from Brokeback Mountain: The Opera to Romeo And Juliet, starring Orlando Bloom, as well as timeless musicals like Oklahoma! (starring Hugh Jackman), An American In Paris and Peter Pan—for a subscription of $8.99 (around 670) per month.

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