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OTT releases to watch this week: ‘The Killer', ‘Quiz Lady’ and more

Sandra Oh and Awkwafina team up, David Fincher returns with a slick thriller, and other titles to watch this weekend

A still from 'Nuovo Olimpo'
A still from 'Nuovo Olimpo'

Nuovo Olimpo

Set in the late 1970s, Enea (Damiano Gavino), a film student, and Pietro (Andrea Di Luigi), a medical student, are smitten with each other when they meet in a movie theatre called Nuovo Olimpo, which screens classics and where gay men hook up and make out in its toilets. The gorgeous Luisa Ranieri plays the box-office cashier Titti, who is aware of the goings-on. After a night together in an apartment overlooking the Roman Forum, the two men lose contact. The story unfolds over three decades—as they go on with their lives, they still yearn for each other. Rome provides a beautiful backdrop to this Ferzan Ozpetek film, which tends to meander. (Netflix)

A still from 'The Killer'
A still from 'The Killer'

The Killer

David Fincher (The Social Network) returns with another film about a unique loner. Michael Fassbender (Shame) is back in his first starring role since 2019, playing a deadly unnamed assassin. After a botched job, his careful routines go askew as he becomes the hunted. (Netflix)

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Ishaan Khatter stars as a rebellious Indian soldier in the 1971 war with Pakistan. Captain Balram must not only man his tank on the frontlines but escape the shadow of his war hero brother, who’s also involved in the struggle. The film is directed by Raja Krishna Menon (Airlift). (Amazon Prime)

A still from 'Quiz Lady'
A still from 'Quiz Lady'

Quiz Lady

Anne Yumm (Awkwafina) and Jenny (Sandra Oh) come together after their mother flees to Macau, leaving them to settle her debt of $80,000 to gangster Ken (Dumbfoundead). The two are polar opposites: Jenny (Sandra Oh) is a trainwreck, Anne a recluse. The two constants in Anne's life are her dog Mr Linguini and watching the game show "Never Stop The Quiz", hosted by Terry McTeer (Will Ferrell). She's never missed a show since age 4. Ken steals Mr Linguinifor ransom. Jenny's solution to raising money is to force her sister to participate in the game show. Over-the-top fun. (Disney+ Hotstar)

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