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OTT releases this week: Wildcat, You People and others

A touching film on human-animal bonding, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Eddie Murphy reunite, and other weekend viewing recommendations

A still from 'Wildcat'
A still from 'Wildcat'

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You People

Sneakerhead Ezra Cohen (Jonah Hill) is Jewish; costume designer Amira Mohammed (Lauren London) is black and Muslim. They are dating and now it's time to meet the parents—his mother is the tone-deaf Shelly (Julia Louis-Dreyfus); her father the authoritarian Akbar (Eddie Murphy), who wears a kufi given to him by Louis Farrakhan. The humour and some sharp dialogue peter out in the latter half of the romcom. Former Saturday Night Live castmates Louis-Dreyfus and Murphy, as always, are fun to watch. (Netflix)—Nipa Charagi

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Harry Turner went to Afghanistan at age 18 and was medically discharged with PTSD and depression. He volunteers at a wildlife rescue centre deep in the Peruvian Amazon run by a PhD student Samanatha Zwicker. He's given to panic attacks and self-harm but finds redemption in raising a baby ocelot—first Khan, who dies, and then Keanu—to be reintroduced in the wild. "He's saving me and I am saving him," says Turner. It's a touching film, on human-animal bonding, the anxiety of letting go, and the fragility of the human mind. (Amazon Prime)—NC

Physical: 100

Hundred incredibly fit men and women, including MMA fighters, CrossFit athletes, and bodybuilders, are competing to take home a prize money of 300 million South Korean won for the most perfect physique. Fifty participants exited after the first quest and at the end of the second quest, only 25 participants will move on to the next round. "I felt the kind of fear I felt when I was watching Squid Game," said one participant. The sets are huge, the pace slow but things got exciting in episode 3 in the first man vs woman duel between traditional wrestler Park Min-ji and South Korean national-level rugby player Jang Seong-min. (Netflix)—NC

3 Faces 

In this meta-drama from 2018, director Jafar Panahi and actor Behnaz Jafari travel to a village to help a young girl neither of them know. This week, Pananhi, one of the greatest living directors, reportedly went on hunger strike to protest his imprisonment since July 2022 in Iran. (MUBI)

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