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OTT releases to watch this week: Land, Rekha and more

Robin Wright in front and behind the camera, Scott Adkins’ crazy fighting skills, and other titles to watch this weekend

A still from the film, Land. Picture: Netflix
A still from the film, Land. Picture: Netflix

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Edee (Robin Wright) is grieving after suffering a personal tragedy. She retreats into a mountain hut in the Wyoming wilderness and cuts off contact with the world. But she is not geared to survive the harsh winter. “Only a person who has never been hungry will think of starving as a way to die,” says Miguel (Demian Bichir), who is out hunting and finds her half-dead in her cabin. Directed by Wright, the film has minimal dialogue—and there’s a soulful version of The Staves’ I’m On Fire. (Netflix)—Nipa Charagi

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Rekha’s (Vincy Aloshious’) boyfriend, Arjun (Unni Lalu), sneaks into her room one night, seeking physical intimacy. The next morning, Rekha’s father, who was sleeping in the veranda, is found dead. Rekha gets suspicious, recalling a casual remark by Arjun, who is uncontactable now, that he had killed the stray dog outside her house because it was barking too much. The violence in the second half of this Jithin Issac Thomas revenge drama plays out for too long. (Netflix)—Nipa Charagi

Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday

Scott Adkins may not be a household name, but action afficionados rate him very highly. He will appear in the new John Wick film this month, but if you’re looking for a solo outing, try Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday, which he’s also co-written. In this sequel to 2018’s Accident Man, Adkins plays an assassin who must protect a mob boss’ son from a bunch of deadly killers. Directed by George and Harry Kirby, this is a showcase for Adkins’ incredible fighting skills. (Amazon Prime, on rent)—Uday Bhatia

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Meet Me in the Bathroom

Rock’n’roll in New York City exploded in the early 2000s, with bands like the The Strokes, LCD Soundsystem, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Interpol bringing a vitality and excitement to the scene that had gone missing. Based on Lizzy Goodman’s oral history of the same name (which derives from a Strokes track), this documentary chronicles those heady years. Directed by Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace, who made the 2012 LCD Soundsystem documentary Shut Up and Play The Hits. (Amazon Prime, on rent)—Uday Bhatia



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