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Crimes of the Future, House of the Dragon and other titles to watch

The Walking Dead winds up, a new George R.R. Martin series begins, and Never Have I Ever returns

A still from ‘House of the Dragon’
A still from ‘House of the Dragon’

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Never Have I Ever (Netflix)

Never Have I Ever is back for Season 3, and the love triangle is now an almost-quadrilateral thanks to the addition of desi hottie Nirdesh. He's an interesting addition to a show that continues to draw on too many South Indian stereotypes but is still fairly entertaining. While Maitreyi Ramakrishnan's Devi continues to have a meltdown too many and is disturbingly obsessed with losing her virginity, she also matures considerably this season, as does Darren Barnet's Paxton Hall-Yoshida. Benjamin Norris' Trent Harrison, on the other hand, shows no sign of growing up in any way and seems unlikely ever to leave Sherman Oaks High, though his burgeoning romance with Eleanor is a fun side plot, as is the one between Devi's favourite teacher, Manish, and her cousin, Kamala. All in all, like the other two seasons, not a particularly original or cerebral watch, but a fun way to wind down at the end of the day.—Preeti Zachariah 

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Crimes of the Future (MUBI)

David Cronenberg's latest is a series of violent delights. We wrote: “Much of the director’s work is lumped under “body horror” but this is an inadequate term. Cronenberg does not seem to feel horror at what bodies can do, or be. Instead, there’s a sense of delight and exploration—whether it’s the mutant amphibian on the plate in ExistenZ or the mutant organs in Crimes Of The Future.” 

The Walking Dead (Netflix)

The Walking Dead has amassed a cult following since debuting more than a decade ago. The show, set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse where survivors battle to stay alive, has now reached its conclusion with season 11, which is divided into three parts of 8 episodes each. While 16 episodes of the show are currently available on the AMC network, viewers in India can catch the first 8 episodes on Netflix. Despite losing some central characters along the way, TWD has maintained a constant pull among some viewers. In season 11, the one group of survivors of Alexandria must battle a mysterious new hostile faction called the Reapers, while a handful of others try to assimilate to the Commonwealth, a large surviving community with a strict class system.—Nitin Sreedhar 

House of the Dragon (Disney+ Hotstar)

The first episode of Return of the Dragon felt like a familiar world, even though it’s set 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones. Viewers didn’t seem to mind, with the pilot, co-written by George R.R. Martin, racking up record numbers. The series is about the bloody succession battles in House Targaryen after King Viserys I, in a break with tradition, names his daughter Rhaenyra his heir.

Inside The Mind Of A Cat (Netflix)

Featuring cat researchers and trainers, the hour-long documentary throws light on interesting facets of cat psychology. For instance, cats pick up the cultural nuances based on the country they are in; American house cats don't feel nervous in new spaces, while it's the opposite with Japanese cats.—Rashmi Menon 

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